17 March 2011

this week's Roundtable (17/03)

1. Gorillaz - 'Revolving Doors' - though Blur has some good tunes, I always liked Oasis more than Blur. and songs like this remind me that Damon Albarn is no Liam Gallagher (or NOEL Gallagher, for that matter).

2. Hollie Cook - 'That Very Night' - why do Brits love reggae so much? I don't like it, no matter how much I was exposed to it in uni. there's never a good time for reggae.

3. Alex Turner - 'It's Hard to Get Around the Wind' (from the 'Submarine' soundtrack) - I guess this is ok. it just kind of oozes around, like wet cement. nothing particularly exciting here.

4. Two Wounded Birds - 'All We Wanna Do' - another surf pop guitar band? zzzzz god the inanity.

5. TV on the Radio - 'Caffeinated Consciousness' - again, ok. it's kind of punky but lacks pizazz.

6. Hiatus - 'Insurrection' - the winner (barely winning over the reggae track) - I have a real problem with dance music that doesn't 'speak' to me. I'm not trying to be a snob. while there are times I can give myself over to dance music that isn't particularly standing out to me from all the rest, a dance track must have 1) a compelling vocal or 2) amazing instrumentation, preferably both. this falls flat on both measurements.

7. new Strokes album 'Angles' - disclaimer: I've never been a Strokes fan. of any size fandom. I don't know what it is. oh wait a minute, I do know what it is. it's all v. derivative. oh god, this is so boring! I know I'm not stupid about music but god, this is a snooze.

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