26 February 2010

save BBC 6music!

so I wake up from my illness-induced stupor, open my email, and read this from Emmy the Great:


hello all,

I don't tend to use my mailing list that often, so please forgive the twice in a week.

Firstly, we're doing Tweedy on Saturday night. She wins. Everybody loves her. Apparently she cries diamonds.

On another note, newspapers are reporting today that the BBC is closing down 6music. According to Shaun Keaveny on his breakfast show, this isn't set in stone, but it's a definite possibility.

6music is probably the only reason we sold any records, and it's certainly the only reason I pay a licence fee DESPITE NOT HAVING A TV. Now I guess I'm paying for the website.

They say in the report that one of the reasons is because 80% of adults have never heard of 6music - a weak excuse for closing down an ALTERNATIVE radio station. Consider also that it costs just under a third of Jonathan Ross's last reported BBC salary to run it.

There are still ways to show your discontent - If you're on Twitter chances are you've seen the top trend of the day is #saveBBC6music, but people are also leaving comments under the articles that broke the news (http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/media/article7041944.ece, or joining groups on Facebook (no links for that, sorry), or sending in emails to the station itself. I'm gratefully accepting any other modes of complaint, and will post them on Myspace as blogs.

It might not do anything, but it'll be a nice rush of activity before we return to throwing things at the radio every time the dial accidentally lands on a music channel.

Oh, and they're shutting down the Asian Network too. That's my plan B gone.

Thanks BBC.

from Emmy


Emmy is the only Chinese woman I know of and am proud of in "pop music" and I agree with her statements wholeheartedly. BBC 6music is a station that plays alternative stuff, not just top 40, not just stuff middle-aged people (sorry) want to hear on their commutes home. not only do they play great music, they have live sessions (the Hub sessions, as noted in a Tweet by Frankie of Frankie and the Heartstrings earlier today), they have cool specialist shows like Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone and Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service, just started this year, and they even have cool documentaries on the history of music! I mean, it's not just the same boring sludge we get here in the States.

I realise I don't pay the license fee and therefore I'm not really in a good position to argue WHY the station should be saved because I've never "paid" for it as such, but I consider all the $ and £ I've paid to see concerts, buy music, buy merch, and travel around America and to Britain for ANY artist I've heard on the station as payment to the music community at large. b/c what 6music does better than any of the other BBC radio stations is get people excited about music.

BBC 6music also personally means a lot to me. not only do I listen to it a heck of a lot, I've gotten to "know" several of their DJs (in particular, Steve Lamacq, Nemone Metaxas, and Stuart Maconie) and if the radio station was canned, it'd be like losing members of my family.

I need to do some research on petitions and such. I already joined the Save 6music Facebook group weeks ago when Andrew Collins mentioned it on his Twitter that the gears were in motion for their closing.

dunno what I'm going to listen to if 6music closes. I guess I'll be stuck with Radio2 and the odd Radio1 programme. (I still think Zane Lowe shouts way too much.) if Drowned in Sound can be believed, Absolute Radio has said they'd buy the station, in which case I'll probably follow them instead.

forget the sock fairy / Jan and Feb 2010 gig postings

forget the sock fairy. you know, that little pixie that steals socks out of the clothes dryer, leaving you with a pile of unpaired socks you don't know what to do with?

I have a CD fairy. right now Muse's 'Resistance' has disappeared. I am really bothered by this, considering I have a date with them Monday night (not really, but you get my drift). while I was showering earlier I realised, dangnabbit, my copy of the Big Pink's 'A Brief History of Love' is also missing. so whoever, wherever you are, CD fairy, you have excellent taste!


I have been remiss in posting the many gigs and interviews I've done in the last 2 months. and seeing that it's unlikely I will see Wild Beasts on Saturday as I had planned since last December (boo!) b/c of convalesce, February is now wrapped up.

January 2010

19 Jan - the Cribs with Adam Green and the Dead Trees
PW - http://popwreckoning.com/2010/01/21/the-cribs-with-adam-green-and-the-dead-trees-930-club-washington-dc/

TGTF interview with Ross Jarman (tag team interview) - visit the website, I forgot where it is, d'oh

21 Jan - We Are Scientists
PW - http://popwreckoning.com/2010/01/23/we-are-scientists-with-uninhabitable-mansions-black-cat-washington-dc/

TGTF - http://www.theregoesthefear.com/2010/01/live-review-we-are-scientists-with-uninhabitable-mansions-at-black-cat-washington-dc-21-january-2010.php

TGTF interview with We Are Scientists
part 1 - http://www.theregoesthefear.com/2010/01/interview-we-are-scientists-part-1.php

part 2 - http://www.theregoesthefear.com/2010/02/interview-we-are-scientists-part-2.php

February 2010

13 Feb - We Were Promised Jetpacks with Typefighter and Bad Veins
PW - http://popwreckoning.com/2010/02/15/we-were-promised-jetpacks-with-typefighter-and-bad-veins-rock-n-roll-hotel-washington-dc/

TGTF - http://www.theregoesthefear.com/2010/02/live-review-we-were-promised-jetpacks-with-typefighter-and-bad-veins-at-rock-n-roll-hotel-washington-dc-13-february-2009.php

19 Feb - VV Brown
PW - http://popwreckoning.com/2010/02/21/vv-brown-liberation-dance-party-dc9-washington-dc/

TGTF - http://www.theregoesthefear.com/2010/02/live-review-vv-brown-at-dc9-washington-dc-19-february-2010.php

21 Feb - Editors with the Dig and the Antlers, 9:30 Club
PW - http://popwreckoning.com/2010/02/23/editors-with-the-dig-and-the-antlers-930-club-washington-dc/

TGTF - http://www.theregoesthefear.com/2010/02/live-review-editors-with-the-dig-and-the-antlers-at-930-club-washington-dc.php

25 February 2010

the good and the bad always come together, don't they?

I have an exciting announcement to make in the coming days. (no, I'm not engaged or getting married. HAR HAR. you know me better than that, folks. you know music and I have been longtime lovers, right?)

I can't tell you know what's going on, b/c I have been sworn to secrecy, but trust me, it's a good thing. and you're definitely hear more from me from now until the summer. (that's a big hint.)


American festivals aren't doing well this year. the owners of Monolith (Denver) and Rothbury (Michigan) previously said that unless they receive major sponsorship backing, the festivals will not take place in 2010. this week it was All Points West, one of the few on the East Coast (and the only one I'm aware of in the Mid-Atlantic). so things are not looking good on our side of the pond. I don't understand it...it really frustrates me that in a land this big and with a populationg so large, can't we get A COUPLE good festivals together???

I suppose Britain has the benefit of having BBC Radio, sponsoring festivals like the freebie Big Weekend (announced by Radio1 breakfast host Chris Moyles this week to be taking place in Bangor, Wales, this year) and Inverness's Rockness. my EIC Phil is jonesing to go to Big Weekend this year as he went last year (lucky stiff) and my preference is Rockness, especially now that Vampire Weekend has been named as a co-headliner to close out the festival Sunday night. Fatboy Slim and Friendly Fires are going to be there as well to add dance flavour, so getting press credentials would make me feel a whole lot better for missing Ultra, for sure ::sniff::

thank you :)


I my mate Matt Abbott. I've met some great people during my times of blogging and he's defo one of them, he's a total sweetheart and it feels weird that we've only met in person once but we know each other like we've been mates for years. I would really like to see him again b/c we still owe each other pints and I want to see him DJ, talk about football, and do stand-up, three things that he's started doing since we talked in blighty last May.

he knows exactly what I'm thinking, it cracks me up. our conversations on Twitter go something like this:

@MattAbbottUK you're on your phone? where are you??? it's like...01:24 in England? do you have it on your laptop?

@theprintedword Chatroulette only works on a computer/laptop with a webcam. Google it! Yeah, it's 1:30am. Should get to bed!

@MattAbbottUK ah I haven't got a webcam! what's your summer sched looking like? I really really really want to go to Rockness.

@theprintedword It all hangs on my next single. If it does well I'll be everywhere, if it flops I'll be nowhere. Rockness? Pretty random! X

@MattAbbottUK Rockness isn't random, haha. check out the line-up. you my friend know EXACTLY why I want to go. or rather for whom ;)

@theprintedword Friendly Fires by any chance?

@MattAbbottUK ::squishes you:: I have to occupy myself with another band if you my dear are not touring, naturally!

if my friend in Chester, Charlotte, is my long-lost little sister, than Matt has to be my long-lost brother.


there's no Roundtable posting yet b/c...I was asleep during the programme's airing tonight. I'm sick as a dog with a really bad cold. my circadian rhythms are all messed up b/c I haven't been sleeping regularly, I'm up at night coughing up a storm.

don't worry, I'll get around to it, if only to listen b/c Groove Armada's album 'Black Light' was reviewed. yes! "don't wanna take a chance on your paper romance, anyway!"

18 February 2010

this week's Roundtable (18/02)

Lammo welcomes Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin' Criminals), Holly Walsh and Olly from Turin Brakes into the studio.

1. the Futureheads - Heartbeat Song' - this actually reminds me of that Kaiser Chiefs's song about having crisps for tea...what is it called again? LOL. but sweeter.

2. Jeff the Brotherhood - 'U Got the Look' - like the drumming at the start. dunno, sounds very Soft Pack to me. (Lammo said the band contains a member of Be Your Own Pet.)

3. Wild Beasts - 'We Still Got the Taste of Dancin' On Our Tongues' - the winner - I still think the whole falsetto thing is odd. BUT I trust Niall Doherty's (of the FLY) judgment that their gig was one of the best of 2009. this explains why I put in to see them on the 27th.

4. Yeasayer - 'O.N.E.' - dunno, all of Yeasayer's stuff reminds me of Disney's 'Tarzan'...it's ok and I know some people just love them, their show at the 9:30 here is sold out (same night as Vampire Weekend, so a feat a bat an eye at!)

ROFL @ Olly that he thinks it sounds like Friendly Fires, Jack Penate. not really...?

5. Audio Bullies - 'Only Man' - I think it's FFires' fault, but now I listen to songs and it's all about the beats. that said, the percussion in this great, the groove is sick. but the lyrics? not so much.

6. Peggy Sue - 'Watchman' - I am extremely difficult to win over when it comes to women's voices. meh.

7. the Courteeners's 'Falcon' - that 'You Overdid It Doll' song is now planted in my brain, it won't leave! it was defo a grower, as I imagine the rest of this album would be for me.

have to say, this ballad (name unknown, sorry!) kicks the arse of anything Glasvegas ever did :)

hmmm, this other song they're playing reminds me quite a lot of White Lies. where did they, really? I find it REALLY hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since I saw them and FFires for the first time. time really flies. and things change. and so have I.

"Tudor Cinema" making a splash in America this spring / FFires news

Two Door Cinema Club, those lovable boys from Northern Ireland, announced last week they would be taking to the road in North America first as an opener for French dancepoppers Phoenix, then on their own headlining tour.

the tickets to the Phoenix show at DAR in April cost about $50 after all the INconvenience fees. even though I managed to get a row G ticket to come up in today's presale, I couldn't rationalise buying it, considering it cost about the same price as a ticket to last year's Dot to Dot Festival where I saw *several* bands. besides, I'd only go for TDCC...

I'm pretty devastated that they're not doing a headlining show in D.C. I'm supposed to be running a conference the day they're in Boston (15 May), and 2 days before they're in Philly (13 May), but I rather doubt it's a good idea for me to try and run a meeting on next to no sleep. I'm going to try and see if I can convince their PR to add D.C. in on the night in between...

they will be appearing for a live session with Lauren Laverne tomorrow morning on 6music should you fancy listening in.

FYI their band's name comes from the Tudor Cinema, according to Alex Trimble on a Gigwise live chat I sat in on yesterday. oh, and I think Alex and Sam (Halliday) are GORGE-ous.


according to BBC 6music news, Friendly Fires is taking it easy on the festival circuit this year while they record album #2.

"I think we are going to take it quite easy on the festivals this year while we’re doing the album," he [Ed Macfarlane] explained to 6 Music. "We don’t want to annoy people by appearing on every single line-up possible.

"We’re going to wait until next year, when the album’s out to really do all the festivals we can."

well, that's no fun, is it? it shouldn't bother me that much, considering I saw them 5x in 2009. but yeah, rather disappointing.

re: music festivals, in light of this FFires news, the line-up for Rockness Festival in Inverness 11-13 June suddenly got that more special...

11 February 2010

this week's Roundtable (11/02)

Thursday's Roundtable see Richard Russell from XL Recordings and our very own Chris Hawkins join Jean-Jacques Burnel from the Stranglers.

1. Jimi Hendrix - 'Bleeding Heart' - the winner - I've never really understood the devotion to Hendrix. he didn't have a good voice, he was an ok guitar player. I'll stop there before anyone starts a campaign to punch me in the face for such blasphemy.

2. Laura Marling - 'Devil's Spoke' - it takes a lot for a woman's voice to make its way into my heart, I'm very critical when it comes to female singers. not really a fan of this. too dark for me.

3. Friendly Fires - 'Hold On' (Holy Ghost cover) - I practically went into cardiac arrest when I heard on Zane Lowe's show last week. (it's been far too long waiting for something new from FFires - the last being July when 'Kiss of Life' premiered.) am preferring this one over HG's original. wicked beats. and v. sexy vocals Ed Mac. good one boys.

hilarious that Richard is trying his best to get people to vote for them in British Breakthrough Act b/c Hannah, his compatriot at XL, told him he better promote them like heck.

4. Rox - 'My Baby Left Me' - hmm. this is v. Noisettes-y. interesting that throwback sound is coming back in a big way.

5. Jamie T - 'Emily's Heart' - I love it! liking it more than his earlier, more rappier stuff.

6. Johnny Cash - 'For the Good Times' - version of Kris Kristofferson song. hmmm. not his greatest.

7. Lightspeed Champion's album 'Life is Good! Nice to Meet You' including 'I Don't Want to Wake Up Alone' and 'Madame Van Damme' - I really like Dev Hynes's latest offering. there's this coyness that reminds me of Morrissey being coy, and the Beatles being coy. agree? teehee...

10 February 2010

2010 music festivals - alert

2010 festivals - I've hunted down sites for you, hope this is helpful! Muse appears to be the elephant in the room headlining wise, so if you're not a fan, you may want to check first to see if the festival you were planning on has them top billed.

SXSW - March - U.S. (Austin) => no-go this year b/c I passed on the opportunity from PW
Ultra Music Festival - 26-27 March - U.S. (Miami) - I'm waiting for more acts to be announced. a single woman going by herself isn't really prudent, I don't think :(

Coachella - 16-18 April - U.S. (SoCal) => no-go unless I get a press pass b/c the line-up didn't impress me

Dot to Dot - 29 May (Bristol), 30 May (Nottingham), 31 May (Manchester) - England - I really enjoyed Notts last year!
Pinkpop - 28-30 May - Holland (Landgraaf/Heerlen)
Isle of Skye - May - Scotland - hmm, site not up anymore
Ibiza Rocks - Tuesdays throughout May and September - not sure about this one b/c they were Ibiza and San Antonio last year

Rock am Ring - early June - Germany - generally heavier rock, but Moz performed there years ago
Download UK - mid June (?) - England (Donnington) - generally heavier rock
Isle of Wight - mid June - England
Glasto - June - England

Rock Werchter - July - Belgium (Leuven)
Roskilde - July - Denmark (via Copenhagen)
Oxegen - July - Ireland (County Kildare via Dublin)
T in the Park - July - Scotland (Balado, Perth and Kinross)
Latitude - July - England (Suffolk) - this one would be awesome if certain bands played it this year...
02 Wireless - July - England (London)
Benicassim - July - Spain
Download - 3 certain weekends July through August - U.S. (SF, LA, Philly?)
Cambridge Folk Festival - July into August? - England
Camp Bestival - 30 and 31 July and 1 August - this looked interesting to me b/c Rob da Bank got Friendly Fires to close out the festival Sunday night. but v. pricey.

Virgin Mobile - August - U.S. (Toronto, B'more)??
Lollapalooza - August - U.S. (Chicago)
Summer Sundae - August - England (Leicester)
Pukkelpop - August - Belgium
Frequency - August - Austria
Lowlands - August - Holland - a plus: has tents
V - August - England (Chelmsford/Staffordshire)
Reading/Leeds - August - England
Electric Picnic - August - Ireland (County Laois)
Get Loaded in the Park - August - England (London/Clapham)
Creamfields - August - I'm not entirely sure where this is. according to their "By Air" page, you should go to either Manchester or Liverpool Intl, which is entirely unhelpful. and throwing out "Merseyside" (which I know is near Liverpool) and "Warrington" (Stuart Maconie, help!) in their "By Car" directions don't help much either! :)

Isle of Wight Bestival - early September - England

09 February 2010

the badge is humourous, sue me (vote for FFires for Breakthrough British Act at BRITs)

drummer Jack Savidge (far right) is now threatening the lives of members of JLS he *can* pronounce, so get voting by clicking on the button below. voting ends 2 PM Eastern time Friday.

08 February 2010

you talking to me? I might just laugh right in your face.

first, here's what I've got for you regular readers...gig and interview posts from January 2010:

We Are Scientists (Uninhabitable Mansions supporting) - 21.01.10 - Black Cat, Washington, DC - my Popwreckoning review my There Goes the Fear review

my interview with Chris Cain and Keith Murray of We Are Scientists part 1 part 2

the Cribs (Adam Green and the Dead Trees supporting) - 19.01.10 - 9:30 Club, Washington, DC - my Popwreckoning review tag team interview with Ross Jarman


word of note to any aspiring bloggers:
you will receive far more personal insults and complaints about your writing than you ever will compliments.

last night before bed, I made the mistake of visiting the Web's authoritative blog/site for all things We Are Scientists. the owner, the lovely Renee Barrera, had kindly posted links to my two gig reviews (done separately for PW and TGTF) and my two-part interview with Chris Cain and Keith Murray. I don't know why I bothered to look at the comments. well, actually, I do know why I bothered. I was hoping someone would say, "great job!" or "this was a fun interview, I'm glad she was able to meet them and post the interview for us." I had expected the complete gloss over of me as interviewer - after all, this was a WAS interview, and they're the stars of the piece, not me.

I was, however, not expecting for one female fan to say she wanted to punch me in the face for the way I laughed in the interview, with another fan concurring with her statement.

really? you're threatening someone with physical force for having a good time? while they're interviewing your favourite band? and getting insights about the said band for you?

I'm never going to apologise for the way I laugh. there's a reason why I laugh when I'm interviewing someone: it's because I approach band interviews in a light-hearted way. I know bands are usually tired and having already been through their umpteenth interview, they're not looking forward to talking to some blogger like me that they've never met from a blog they've never heard of.

so I try to make my questions interesting. I do my research way ahead of time to come up with some queries for them that they haven't heard before, so it's more fun for them and they'll feel more comfortable talking to me and feel like they can trust me, like we've been mates for years. that's the goal anyway. and comfort is key to a successful interview, in my experience.

my first big interview (with Friendly Fires) worked out extremely well because we had already broken the ice (the Ed[d]s couldn't believe I'd travelled by myself to another country to see them) and they seemed to appreciate the questions I'd asked them weren't the same run of the mill "how did you guys get together?" (answer: they met at school) types. when you can prove to someone that you've done your homework and that you're a real music fan, things usually come together better than you expect.

and I've thought to myself, if Chris Cain really hated the way I laughed, I doubt he would have talked to me for over an hour beyond the interview itself. agree?

and going back to my laugh...I have many stories about my "unique" laugh. the most recent I can think of is being in hospital last summer and having been "heard" before I had been "seen" by my attending nurse, who swiftly explained that my laugh was particularly joyous. at the time, I was getting blood drawn in the infusion (cancer) ward so I was happy to provide a little sunshine. so apparently my laugh is memorable by the good folks of Georgetown Hospital. and that's a good thing, b/c people who get stuck there often don't have much to smile - or laugh - about.

folks, this isn't 'Dateline', '20/20', or '60 Minutes'. and feel free to discuss the content of the interview, b/c that's what I work hard at. but taking pot shots at my guffaw? that's going below the belt.


however, today was an eminently better day:

Friendly Fires came to the Radio1 studios for a chat with Fearne Cotton about their chances for the two BRITs they have been nominated for. as usual, it was lolzworthy, including Fearne imploring a wary (and trying desperately not to give any more fuel to the fire that he's fey) Ed Macfarlane to stroke Jack Savidge's newly clean shaven chin (er...?); Jack mispronouncing the name of his "favourite" member of JLS; and Edd Gibson insisting that should Peter Kay ring them in Australia at 4 AM local time with the news that they've won a BRIT, they'll all be dressed in their nightgowns ala Wee Willie Winkie.

I would also like to note here that both Fearne Cotton and Ed Mac have equally unique and possibly annoying laughs like mine so really, if those WAS fans have a beef with the way I chortle, they can take similar complaints to them as well.
listen here

Fanfarlo were Marc Riley's live in-session guests at the Manchester Oxford Road studios this evening, and they played four songs on 6music. absolutely brilliant.
listen here

05 February 2010

the danger of Tweeting

apparently communication via Twitter - no doubt b/c of the 140 character limit - is dangerous.

I Tweet-commented "tosser" to a favourite guitar tech of mine in November last year in response to his Tweet to cyberspace that someone called him a pansy whilst he was tuning a Fender onstage. and then he responded, "what?" which freaked me out b/c I thought maybe he meant I was calling him a tosser. I tried Tweeting him again to clarify but he never responded back, which further worried me that he was mad at me. thankfully, this was all cleared up in person in Boston and hugs all around. thank goodness.

then this very morning my fave lunchtime DJ Nemone asked people about Manchester Academy. I emailed her saying I missed the Apollo - meaning I missed SEEING gigs there. she misinterpreted this as meaning that the Apollo was now gone:

Having hazy memories of nights out at the acadenmy - and one of you has said the Apollo no longer there NNNNOOOOOOOOO! favourite venue ;-(

so I hastily Tweeted to clear up the misunderstanding:

theprintedword @greekydj no the Apollo is still there! think you misunderstood my email, I said I missed it (as an American) want to see another gig there!

to which she responded:

greekydj phew now found out Apollo lives on yey!!!!!!!!!!!

oh dear. Nemone just returned on Monday from maternity leave and I probably just gave her a near heart attack :/

in a future post (that has already been lovingly handwritten by yours truly) I will share with you my favourite Tweet moments of 2009. it will surely be much happier!


04 February 2010

this week's Roundtable (04/02)

Steve has Radio2 late night stalwart Janice Long, Robin Ince and Tom Ravenscroft (aka 6music presenter and probably better known as John Peel's son) as guests on Roundtable on Thursday

(FYI: Janice Long s a celebrity in Morrissey fan world, as she and Stuart Maconie are two of the chosen few that el Mozzer has allowed into his secret realm again and again.)

1. Jonsi - 'Go Do' - don't know anything about this band. not getting this.

2. General Fiasco - 'Ever So Shy' - I am really eager to see this band live sometime. not only are they mates with *my* mate Matt of S&D, this and the excellent 'Rebel Get By' would be awesome live. Northern Ireland has been doing well as of late - GF, the renewed Ash, and Two Door Cinema Club. Janice, I wuv you, I wuv his voice too!

3. Goldheart Assembly - 'King of Rome' - I know this band is one of Lammo's favourites. it's poppy, but not terribly exciting to me.

4. Tunng - 'Hustle' - the winner - twee. I prefer Camera Obscura, thank you very much.

5. Midlake - Acts of Man - this band (or perhaps more correctly, their album) was panned by a hapless ignoramus of a reviewer on PW. how embarrassing. while I'm not wild about it, I wouldn't say it's as terrible as the reviewer said she thought it was. you like Fleet Foxes, but darker? then this is for you.

6. French Horn Rebellion vs. Database - 'Beaches and Friends' - LMAO this reminds me of Sister Sledge and 'We Are Family' - anyone else? is disco staging a comeback?

7. Massive Attack's new 'Heligoland' album including 'Pray for Rain', 'Splitting the Atom' and 'Paradise Circus' - atmospheric, fuzzed out relaxed dance music. just perfect for this winter. I can't wait to hear Guy Garvey's voice on one of the tracks!