31 May 2011

I'm so sorry

I haven't posted in over a month. apologies. I feel just terrible. I've just been so busy...there's really no one good excuse, so I might as well bring out the whole list...
  • three different band interviews that had supposedly been shored up weeks prior were cancelled last minute (which is a pretty bad feeling, let me tell you)
  • I couldn't go to a sold out show b/c the manager of one of those bands never touched base with the PR I was working with, so I never got a ticket (fail)
  • a schoolfriend's child died (that practically killed me)
  • busy sorting materials to give away and organising things for writers at the Great Escape in mid-May
  • trying like the dickens to FINALLY get into the print edition of the This is Fake DIY magazine, after having two different pieces not make it in the inaugural issue (:/)
  • I've been listening to Steve Lamacq's Roundtables and have not been impressed enough with the songs up for review to write about them
but there has been some good:
  • met White Lies, finally (after over 2 years)
  • met/interviewed Friendly Fires again (happily this was BEFORE Ed Mac had to be hospitalised :/)
  • have been listening to some great albums, like the new ones from Tom Vek, Is Tropical and Wolf Gang and getting inspired
  • requested time off in November so I can holiday in England and party with mates over there
hmmm. that doesn't really seem like much of an apology, does it? sorry about that. we'll see if this week's Roundtable fares any better and make this week and maybe I'll write about.

hope you're all well.

M x