28 January 2010

this week's Roundtable (28/01)

The week sees Eddie Argos (Art Brut), Josie Long and Lightspeed Champion (Dev Hynes) join Thursday's Roundtable.

1. Goldfrapp - 'Rocket' - back when Goldfrapp started, they were really unique. but this sounds so '80s unimaginative synthpop. like bad Jefferson Starship. the "oh oh ohhhhs" are annoying as hell too.

2. Pin Me Down - 'Time Crisis' - side project of Russell from Bloc Party. I've been wondering where BC went. hmm. it's all right but it kind of sounds like Ke$ha's 'Tik Tok' crossed with Cascada's 'Evacuate the Dancefloor'? sok. I usually have a big problem with women singing lead on dance tracks. b/c in order for such a song to be good dancefloor filler to me, there have to be sexy voices on the track. and sorry, girls singing don't do a thing for me.

3. Detroit Social Club - 'Kiss the Sun' - they're from Newcastle. no idea what the Detroit connection is about...?

4. Late of the Pier - 'Best of the Class' - I was wondering when these electronic chaps would be back with a new record. I never would have known about them and 'Fantasy Black Channel' if it hadn't been for a bloke that I used to fancy ::grin:: given the choice, I'd take LotP over MGMT any day, based on the sincerity/love for the '80s it has.

5. Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - 'Get Better' - the winner - funny they had Eddie Argos in for this single b/c the delivery is just like Eddie's for Art Brut.

6. Egyptian Hip Hop - 'Wild Human Child' - why is everything tonight sounding like it was recorded in the '80s??? this was a band voted for 10 for 2010 though, this is the first I've heard of them. oh god, the lead singer's voice...it's cloying and not in a good way. I guess that's the way he sings...? Oingo Boingo indeed Dev.

7. Hot Chip's new album 'One Life Stand' including 'We Have Love' and 'Brothers' - Lammo loves this album and while I liked it when I reviewed it earlier this month for TGTF, I didn't think it was 100% great. 'We Have Love' is defo one of the lesser dance tracks on the record, with 'Hand Me Down Your Love', 'Thieves in the Night', and the title track far better.

however, I hopefully will get a chance to see the tracks performed live in April at a sold-out show here in D.C. and maybe this will change my opinion?

22 January 2010

the merry pranksters - We Are Scientists

until last night, I hadn't seen We Are Scientists since summer 2008. that's nearly a year and a half.

I had a great interview with Chris Cain (mostly) and Keith Murray before the show at the Black Cat last night for TGTF, so that's forthcoming, as well as gig reviews for both blogs. so watch this space!

talking and joking with them before and after the show and of course the gig itself - so entertaining! it reminded me that there are bands on this planet who are soooo nice and willing to give me their time and are friendly to ALL fans. I haven't seen such a great showing by a band mugging with their fans since Peter Bjorn and John in November.

news flash: WAS may be my new favourite band of the moment. that's saying a lot esp if you know that 95% of the music I listen to is of British origin.

WAS fans, you're gonna LOVE the new album.

more later! (I hope)

21 January 2010

this week's Roundtable (21/01)

Thursday sees DJ / Remixer Andrew Weatheral, Kid Harpoon and producer and former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler drop in for Roundtable

1. United Nations of Sound - 'Are You Ready?' - noted as Richard Ashcroft's latest project. this song sounds very older Oasis-y. hahaha the guitars remind of...really good Beatles? I can't think of a track off the top of my head...

2. the Kissaway Trail - 'Sdp' - will this Danish band's trajectory go the way of fellow countrymen Mew? time will tell. enjoyable - almost kind of MGMT-ish? - but not spectacular.

3. Cery Matthews - the winner - 'Into the Blue' - what the heck is this? ugh. the drum sweeps are awful. give me Charlotte Hatherley any day.

4. Two Door Cinema Club - 'Undercover Martyn' - I love, love, love this song. yeah, I sort of want to marry Alex Trimble at this point ;)

5. Gorillaz / Bobby Womack - 'Stylo' - I dunno, not impressed with this yet. ask me in a couple weeks after it's sunk in. I'd rather Damon Albarn focus on reforming Blur permanently!

6. Bomb the Bass - 'The Infinites' - wooo! good dance groove.

7. songs from Eels' 'End Times' - OMG. why do I not get this. everyone loves them. er...why? I guess my problem is the singer's voice. it's v. blah to me, it's not vocal acrobatics that I usually like.

20 January 2010

short set of notes re: Cribs gig last night...

1. Ross Jarman of the Cribs is super nice. and v. cute!

2. still not sure if I can tell the twins (Gary and Ryan) apart. much to MB's dismay (LOLZ)...hey, they ARE twins!

3. the Cribs put on a great show. unfortunately, I didn't get to meet the other Jarman brothers or Johnny Marr. rather hilariously tho, I had several near misses:
  • as we drove down V Street to try and find parking before the interview, we saw Johnny talking smoking a fag, talking to a goth girl and signing something for her. by the time we circled back, he was gone.
  • when we went upstairs to do the interview with Ross, I saw the back of him in their room at the 9:30 Club but it's not like you can just barge in. I'm not one to invade personal space without invitation like that.
  • then while we were interviewing Ross in this teeny triangular 'computer' room, Johnny popped his head in a few times to see what we were doing. since we were taping the interview, I couldn't exactly go "hiiiiii Johnny!" see what lengths I go to for you readers of TGTF???
oh well, there's always next time. Johnny Marr, we shall meet someday.

4. gig review at PW and interview at TGTF to follow. MB agreed to do the TGTF review, so that takes 1 out of 4 pieces off my hands this week.

5. waiting for Chris Cain of We Are Scientists to email me back and let me know when I can show up to interview them tomorrow at the Cat. should be good!


19 January 2010

underwhelmed by Coachella 2010 line-up

click on it for bigger image

good: Muse, Tiesto, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Hockey, Little Boots, Camera Obscura, La Roux, the Cribs, the xx

bad: Delphic on a tiny stage, no Friendly Fires. Jay-Z, ugh...gimme a break.

16 January 2010

listen up 2010! my personal band wishes

bands I'm desperate to see live for the first time
Two Door Cinema Club - just between you and me, I've got a terrible crush on the ginger Alex Trimble (teehee)
Dan Black - but I'm missing him at SXSW, arghhhh!
Delphic - in love with 'Acolyte', particularly 'Doubt'; would be particularly awesome if they played Ultra Music Festival this year in Miami
Hot Chip

bands I'm desperate to see again
Camera Obscura - but they are not coming anywhere near D.C. this spring, dayum!
Elbow - not likely to tour this year, boo!
Patrick Wolf - b/c 3x a lifetime is not enough. seriously.
Matt Skint (formerly Skint and Demoralised) - mah m8. it's been far too long.
Keane - the Forest Tour sounds soooo cool. the opening acts are awesome too.

bands I'm so flippin' excited to see this year (meaning I've already got these scheduled)
We Are Scientists (again) - and a new album on its way too!
La Roux - finally!!!
We Were Promised Jetpacks (again)
Muse - so I can wave my "I Dom" sign and fangirl over Mr. Howard, woot!
the xx (again)
Vampire Weekend - seeing them finally, after over 17 months of being completely shut out - twice - for their 9:30 Club shows in 2008

oh, and I really want to have drinks with Steve Lamacq and Stuart Maconie. ::grin::


not sure about this b/c it pains me terribly to say it but: I'm probably not going to England this year. mama needs a laptop and they don't come cheap - one laptop is about the price of a ticket from here to England, if you were wondering.

I don't like laptops at all: the screens are too small and the keyboards and touchpads are annoying as heck. but yeah, I need to enter the 21st century so I can write from the road if I'm travelling for gigs and festivals.

England, I you. why do you have to be so far away and so expensive? :(

14 January 2010

this week's Roundtable (14/01)

Thursday's Roundtable sees Tigs from Chew Lips join Chaz Jankle from The Blockheads and DrownedinSound's Sean Adams

1. Groove Armada - 'Paper Romance' - good dance groove (no pun intended). like it!

2. the Low Anthem - whoops, missed the title - yes, the guys responsible for 'Charlie Darwin' have a new single. unfortunately, this is as sleepy as that last single. so I guess missing the title isn't that big of a loss...

3. Gil Scott-Heron - 'Me and the Devil' - Richard Russell of XL just loves this man. (well obviously, b/c he's an XL acquisition). you either like this kind of music or you don't. he had a several night residency here in D.C. at Bohemian Caverns last month, which I thought was rather interesting. too bad, I should have gone.

4. Turin Brakes - 'Sea Change' - I like the guitars on this one, v. rhythmic and adds to the overall funkiness. now that you're back TB, hit me with your best shot.

5. Ellie Goulding - 'Starry Eyed' - ok, blasphemy alert: so I disagree with the BBC and most music pundits out there about Ellie, b/c honestly I'm not hearing anything particularly exciting/new from her music. give me La Roux any day. this particular track is even less engaging than 'Under the Sheets' (which, if you were wondering, annoys the hell out of me every time it comes on). the way she sings "lo-o-o-ve" is quite grating. but, whatever floats your boat, right?

and according to Sean, she uses auto-tune? WTH???

6. Uffie - 'MCs Can Kiss' - this isn't normally my type of music, but there's something endearing about it coming directly after Ellie Goulding.

7. Delphic's debut album 'Acolyte' including 'Submission' and 'This Momentary' - OMG I this album! maybe if I say it enough times on the internet they will appear in D.C. sooner than later. I would be soooo happy if they played CMJ this year. thank you Tigs, I agree that they should have won the BBC Sounds poll.

13 January 2010

last week's Roundtable (07/01)

note: I did this Monday night and am now finally getting it in here.

Thursday is Roundtable day. Join Lammo as he welcomes Q Magazine Editor Paul Rees, Mark Sutherland from Billboard Magazine and Krissi Murrison from the NME into the studio to discuss some new music for 2010.

1. the Courteeners – ‘You Overdid It Doll’ – the winner – one of Mozzer’s fave bands of the moment. Ugh, not a fan of the singer’s voice. am I missing something here?

2. Carolina Chocolate Drops – ‘Hit Em Up Style’. Cover of Blu Cantrell song. I agree with Krissi, the singer’s voice is incredible but this is a one hell of a weird mishmash, not to mention the singer’s voice is grating. ick.

3. Los Campesinos! – ‘Romance is Boring’ – ow, my ears…no thanks. goodness, I’m glad I wasn’t given this to review in January.

4. Chapel Club – “Oh Maybe I” – Lammo said this band has been on some 2010 watch lists but not on the BBC’s. hmmm, similar to Morrissey? Certainly doesn’t sound like him. dunno, not really grabbing me…

5. Frightened Rabbit – ‘Nothing Like You’ – I liked this. wow, something I finally like on this programme! not much of a surprise, considering they’re a Fat Cat Records acquisition.

6. Corinne Bailey Rae – ‘I’d Do It All Again’ – it’s so sad about her husband, but ironically, I think that might give new life to this single and the resulting album ‘The Sea’. Not as cutesy fun as ‘Put Your Records On’ but nevertheless considering what she’s been through in making this record, I hope it does well.

7. Tracks from Vampire Weekend’s new album ‘Contra’ including ‘White Sky’ and ‘Giving Up the Gun’ – I’m actually liking ‘White Sky” more now than first listen, when Ezra Koenig’s yodeling lyrics were getting on my nerves. CANNOT WAIT to see them 3 April!

11 January 2010

Jarvis on Sundays!

in case you haven't heard since the initial announcement by Steve Lamacq weeks ago, ex-Pulp frontman and now solo artist Jarvis Cocker has now followed in the footsteps of Elbow's Guy Garvey and Bob Dylan and is now a presenter for BBC 6music.

you can catch his show on 6music from 1530 to 1730, right before Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone. just in time for tea (or brunch if you're on the American East Coast). TBH I didn't think much of his first show this past Sunday (10/01), twas a bit slow, but perhaps he just needs warming up.

Sundays with Jarvis

10 January 2010

er...not yet.

my work comp's gone wonky and we had to take Flash off, so I can't listen to BBC Radio (adsfdkasjfdhkdjfkasfdsffalksdj?!?!?) so this explains why I haven't posted about the first Roundtable episode of 2010 yet. if I can sort myself out before this Thursday, I'll post it. sorry for the delay for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting my usual smarmy / snarky opinions.

I re-read what I wrote in the last two weeks of 2009. geez, I'm a miserable old bat when it comes to the holidays, eh? ;) dunno, since my dad passed away a couple years ago and my brother moved to the other side of the country, the holidays have been kind of pointless for me. it's a reminder of more of what I've lost, not what I have.

but thankfully it is 2010 now, I've kicked that stupid stomach flu bug (I think). time to close the book on 2009 and move on.

I like to cook. I wish I had more time so I could do it more often! and I watch a lot of cooking shows. so videos involving food are usually a good bet to make me smile. I saw this video one morning during brekky a couple weeks ago on VH1. a long time ago I had a good friend who went to a school named Killarney in British Columbia, so when I saw the name of this supermarket, it made me think of her and I hope she's still out there, listening to good music. as you know, Michael Buble's Canadian too, so it seemed more than a coincidence.

and all my friends know I'm a hopeless romantic, so forgive the schmaltz and just humour me tonight.

...and would you be so kind to watch this video of Jack Penate singing the gorgeous "Pull My Heart Away", in honour of his Tweet today that his beloved Lola has left us.