31 March 2011

seriously good Hurts / Delphic mash-up

just listen to this amazing mash-up of Hurts' 'Wonderful Life' and Delphic's 'Submission'. it's like they were MFEO. (if you've never seen 'Sleepless in Seattle', that means "made for each other".)

this week's Roundtable (31/03)

Lammo welcomes Janice Long, James Endeacott, and Jack Lawrence-Brown from White Lies

1. Justice - 'Civilization' - ? um...

2. Kitty, Daisy and Lewis - 'I'm Going Back' - interesting in the context of Imelda May and other rockabilly acts. they played Kung Fu Necktie 2 years ago (Philly) but they've never been to DC.

3. Odd Future - it doesn't matter what the title is, b/c I didn't like it.

4. Dutch Uncles - 'Cadenza' - I do like Dutch Uncles, they sound so different than everyone else. I think Duncan Wallis is an amazing lyricist.

5. Goldheart Assembly - 'Harvest in the Snow' - the winner - gorge. yay!

6. Carl Barat - 'Death Fires Burn at Night' - ok, this is just weird.

7. the Crookes' 'Chasing After Ghosts' - I'm on the fence. there are some lovely moments - 'Bloodshot Days', 'The Crookes Laundry Murder, 1922' - but I could live with some of the other tracks. read my review on DIY here

30 March 2011

Friendly Fires get interviewed by Fuse

I just found this.

it's hilarious.

I honestly do not know what Ed Mac is talking about. he told me in Nottingham 2 years ago how uncomfortable he is singing to the camera, but I think he's got that down pat :)

(has it really been 2 years since I've been to England??? ::whimper::)

28 March 2011

hands clean

I have been thinking over the last couple of weeks how apt this song by Alanis Morissette is in my life.

no one knows except the both of us

er, sorta.

24 March 2011

this week's Roundtable (24/03)

Andrew Collins stands in for Lammo with guests Michael Legge, Matt Berry and Dave Harper from Frankie and the Heartstrings

1. Guillemots - 'The Basket' - it's dreamy but in a way I don't really like. not sure what else to say?

2. Smith Westerns - 'Weekend' - it's cute, in the sense that Blur were cute in their fey laziness.

3. Yuck - 'Get Away' - ? it's all right.

4. Fleet Foxes - 'Battery Kinzie' - all of their songs sound the same. sorry.

5. Bootsy Collins - 'Hip Hop @ Funk You' - is this a joke? haha. oh dear...

6. Paul Simon - 'The Afterlife' - the winner - bored. they're all afraid of knocking Paul Simon. Paul Simon is doing what he always does. nothing new here.

7. the Vaccines' debut album 'What Did You Expect from the Vaccines' - it took me a while but I came around. ok, this is weird - 'Wetsuit' is like Fleet Foxes...WTF?

just perfect.

the original recording from 'Meat is Murder' is still better than the live versions out there.

I want the one I can't have

and it's driving me mad
it's all over, all over my face

17 March 2011

this week's Roundtable (17/03)

1. Gorillaz - 'Revolving Doors' - though Blur has some good tunes, I always liked Oasis more than Blur. and songs like this remind me that Damon Albarn is no Liam Gallagher (or NOEL Gallagher, for that matter).

2. Hollie Cook - 'That Very Night' - why do Brits love reggae so much? I don't like it, no matter how much I was exposed to it in uni. there's never a good time for reggae.

3. Alex Turner - 'It's Hard to Get Around the Wind' (from the 'Submarine' soundtrack) - I guess this is ok. it just kind of oozes around, like wet cement. nothing particularly exciting here.

4. Two Wounded Birds - 'All We Wanna Do' - another surf pop guitar band? zzzzz god the inanity.

5. TV on the Radio - 'Caffeinated Consciousness' - again, ok. it's kind of punky but lacks pizazz.

6. Hiatus - 'Insurrection' - the winner (barely winning over the reggae track) - I have a real problem with dance music that doesn't 'speak' to me. I'm not trying to be a snob. while there are times I can give myself over to dance music that isn't particularly standing out to me from all the rest, a dance track must have 1) a compelling vocal or 2) amazing instrumentation, preferably both. this falls flat on both measurements.

7. new Strokes album 'Angles' - disclaimer: I've never been a Strokes fan. of any size fandom. I don't know what it is. oh wait a minute, I do know what it is. it's all v. derivative. oh god, this is so boring! I know I'm not stupid about music but god, this is a snooze.

Two Door Cinema Club wins Breaking mtvU Woodie

I am so proud of my buds Two Door Cinema Club for winning the Breaking mtvU Woodie. hell, even Friendly Fires didn't manage that 2 years ago.

watch them perform 'What You Know', my favourite song by them, in front of an adoring audience in Austin last night. hells to the yeah.

16 March 2011

sorry is the hardest word...

I've been so harried running to and from things and having to travel out to the foreign land known as California for the job that pays all my bills that I've missed the last 2 Roundtables. I feel terrible :/ hopefully I'll be able to review tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day edition (17/03) and somewhat make up for it.

I'm sort of obsessed with this song by the Joy Formidable. they're one of my favourite live bands as of late (seeing them next week at the Black Cat) and this song, 'The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade', sums up pretty much what should be the healthy end of a relationship. but we all know it's more difficult than that. ::frown::

to anyone who's ever suffered a broken heart...this song better than anything I've found shows that you are not alone. and you will come out on the other end of this terrible event in one piece. and stronger.