03 May 2012

I am really bad about not posting to this thing.

all I can say is that b/c I write so much for TGTF and This is Fake DIY, it's becoming increasingly less desirable to write about music on here, even about Lammo's Thursday Roundtable. although I regularly tune in without fail, I just want to listen to the tracks and let them sink in that said, I have some exciting things happening very soon:
  • I am attending both the Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City as an official delegate
  • TGTF will have a stage at Sound City that will feature the Temper Trap, Clock Opera and Dear Prudence on Friday 18 May and
  • hell yeah, I'm finally having another holiday in England, although I'll really only have 5 days to myself (3 in London, though I'm planning a day trip to Cambridge, and 1 each in Brighton and in Liverpool, but those are really to get to the towns and check out the lay of the land before the festivals).
why don't I put a video up here today, one that you wouldn't expect? I wish people would stop banging on about how awful One Direction. I'm pleased that Duran Duran, not them, were chosen for the Olympics opening ceremony. that said, for what they are, and for the nice message of this song - girls, you are beautiful the way you are - I think they're a heck of a lot better than any misogynistic, foul-mouthed rapper. this is a pop song not trying to be anything else but a pop song. deal with it.'