30 October 2010

the Crookes, before they were signed

I've always wondered where Lammo finds his new favourite bands. are they sitting there somewhere in that huge mountain demos that the postman comes lugging up the stairs every week.


this is just one that he introduced me to over many plays of theirs songs on Radio2 and 6music, the Crookes from Sheffield. they even play 'Backstreet Lovers' (sigh) in a bear pit...?

the bass player sings...??? ::dies::

can I also say I'm dead jealous of this Chinese girl who got to go around England on MTV's dime and interview bands. I wonder what she's doing now. I need a job like that.

and...THE PUB! ;)

29 October 2010

Delphic live at KCRW, 25/10/2010

I have no idea what happened to Nic Harcourt but Morning Becomes Eclectic, the morning program on alt-rock KCRW that he used to host is now being hosted by an American. (drat.) and an American that wasn't asking very good questions IMO when Delphic was on Monday morning live in session. below is the video for 'Counterpoint' from the studio, but you can listen to the whole session and interview archived here.

as for the video, all I can say is...gosh, Dan Hadley has some big guns! wouldn't want to get into a fight with him.

22 October 2010

Delphic talk to the Germans and the Dutch

why is James speaking French at the beginning of this first one with Les Berlinettes? a little confused.

interviewer: "how do you describe Delphic, your music?"

::James looks over at Rick:: "it's yours..."

Rick: "sure..."


here's one with 'Jimmy Alter', whoever that is, in Amsterdam...

21 October 2010

this week's Roundtable (21/10)

this week's Roundtable welcomes Krissi Murisson (NME Editor), Blaine Harrison (Mystery Jets) and Simon Raymonde

1. Miles Kane - 'Inhaler' - I really like this. read my review on TGTF here. interesting hypothesis from Krissie - "inhale her...."

2. N.E.R.D. - 'Hypnotize U' - oh blah. stupid lyrics too. why do rappers insist on using "U" instead of "you"? it's not cool, it's not even cute. it's moronic.

3. Is Tropical - 'South Pacific' - synthy. Delorean / Sleigh Bells vibe? probably going to skyrocket.

4. the Neat - 'Hips ' - the winner - man this is annoying. Steve likes this band, though it's not doing a thing for me.

5. Wilder - 'Skyful of Rainbows' - I really like this. we're giving it away on TGTF tomorrow if you are interested! I hope Blaine isn't ticked that I compared this track to the Jets and Steve read my comment on air (oops)

6. the Bluetones - 'Golden Soul' - beautiful. just beautiful. it's got a bit of a Lilac Time whiff.

7. Kings of Leon's new album - blahhhhh why does everyone love them so much? zzzzzz...I can't even get into the song called 'Mary', hahaha.

20 October 2010

not on my radar you don't.

I am a magnet for controversy, so it seems. I've gotten flamed by Mat Horne and Andrew Collins. and now this.

the last week of September-into-October I saw 5 gigs in 7 days. I had Monday and Thursday off, that was it. and I was up in Philly for the first show, saw two in Boston, then came back to DC for two more.

I wasn't taking it easy on my "holiday"...I'm not using that an excuse. far from it. but I take offence as one woman saying she could write better than me when she lived in "Bumblef* Texas".

I'd like to see her try writing 10 gig reviews in a span of 10 days. and do we really need such language? seriously. and that was from a Teenage Fanclub fan that I gather traveled up and down the East Coast for them.

obviously she was not happy that I gave the Vaselines a better review than Teenage Fanclub. sorry but they brought it that night and had the energy. I write what I see and hear. unless you were at that show you can't even begin to challenge me on this. she must be some scholar on semantics as well b/c she is arguing with me that it was not in fact the first night of the North American tour. well, it depends who you talk to. it was the first night the two bands COHEADLINED on the tour. I don't go making "facts" up.

the opening band, the Radar Brothers of California, are not happy with me either. they posted a link to my review of their set on their official Web site. I'm not going over there to read whatever they've posted, b/c I imagine whatever's up there is vitriol directed personally at me.

really, opening bands should be grateful any blogger is taking the time out to write and photograph them. I can't count the number of times I've seen most "real" journalists show up only for the headliner.

also, I am not one to pretend I know anything about every single band I've written about. no one can be an expert on every band. just the fact that I write for a UK blog should have told them that I'm not an expert on Americana, never have been, and never will be. it's not one of my favourite genres and TBH I have no idea why two Scottish bands chose them as an opener.

edit: 21/10: so I have found out that the Radar Brothers and Teenage Fanclub are on Merge here in the States.

well that explains it. Merge is an indie American label. it also pretty much explains why I didn't know about them.

the only band I could scrounge up in my mind that sounded anything like them was the Grateful Dead. this apparently has not gone over well.

if they were really offended by what I said, they shouldn't have posted it. b/c that directed a bunch of their fans to my site and increased my hit count.

there had to be a positive angle to this, right?

so according to my stats counter, the review has had a grand total of 58 hits. so now I'm kind of disappointed. firestorms like this usually generate far more hits!

oh well. you can't win them all.

I'm hoping Frances McKee of the Vaselines comes out of the woodwork and says, "ignore those twats!" and then, just like on the night of that gig, something sexually provocative yet hilarious.

now waiting...whatevs. in light of what happened at DC9 last week and thinking that I'll be forced to go to the 9:30 from now on :P I'm not eager to return there.

15 October 2010

Delphic's Guide to Manchester

from http://www.skiddle.com/news/all/Delphics-Guide-to-Manchester/7233/

10th Oct 2010

Visiting Manchester for the Warehouse Project? Not sure where to find the best Corned Beef Hash? Or the best spot for Geese Feeding? Richard Boardman of Manchester three-piece Delphic gives us his pick of the city he calls home.

You've been around the world but still call Manchester home. Can you put your finger on what it is that you love about the city?

Manchester is where most of us grew up. We spent years as kids traipsing round the toilet venues watching bands and playing ourselves. There is a very strong music network in Manchester and there is a lot of help for new bands. I also like the way you can walk across it in half an hour, and I like the way it looks now.

What's your favourite Manchester...

Knott Bar - we all live near this and it has become our local. A nice selection of foreign beers.

374 Deansgate, M3 4LY, 0161 839 9229


We don't go to clubs now.


Sam's Chop House for Corned Beef Hash.

Back Pool Fold, M2 1HN, 0161 834 3210

...Sunday morning hang out?

Delphic HQ.

Best local DJ of the moment?

Dan Hadley/Delphic V2.0

Current favourite Manchester band?

It's difficult not say Everything Everything. Their album has been on our iPods pretty much constantly since its release. But we also have a huge soft spot for Dutch Uncles. They showed us some of their new tracks the other day and we became quite excited. In fact, Duncan (singer) came over to my house the other day and we spent the whole day going through ideas and listening to music. It's interesting to spend time with other musicians outside of your own group.

Do you have anything special planned for your WHP show?

If we did, we wouldn't ruin the surprise.

Aside from your night, are there any other WHP events that you're particularly looking forward to?

I'm quite disappointed we can't attend the one the night before (we are playing the London Warehouse that night), with Magnetic Man, Flying Lotus, Joy Orbison, Martyn and Joker amongst others. I would also like to see Kelis...

One thing that any visitor to Manchester should do.

Go and visit Katsouris Deli on Deansgate.

113 Deansgate, M3 2BQ, 0161 819 1260

(he told me the same thing for this article on TGTF last year.)

Describe your ideal day in Manchester.

A Delphic bike ride up to see our drummer, Dan, and his dog, Zach, in Stretford followed by feeding the Canada Geese in Castlefield.

Thanks Rich! [sic]

Delphic headline The Warehouse Project in Manchester on Saturday 30th October.

14 October 2010

this week's Roundtable (14/10) - in Manchester!

celebrating In the City being back at its spiritual home of Manchester (RIP Tony Wilson), Steve hosts a special Roundtable with John Robb, Peter Hook and Guy Garvey

1. a Gorillaz track I missed warming up my lunch downstairs - Gorillaz. good but not great. I'm sure I've heard this song before if not this very instance this evening.

2. the Jim Jones Revue - 'Shoot First' - this band is a little rough around the edges. but better than Nick Cave's Grinderman thingy. "for anyone who hasn't seen them live, they genuinely kick butt" - oh Lammo...I love your enthusiasm!

3. Sleigh Bells - 'Infinity Guitars' - the winner - ok ok. I give. pretty brill track!

4. a Cherry Ghost song - ...er?... - sorry, I'm a little preoccupied talking with my Irish buds Two Door Cinema Club on Twitter ;) whatever it was...wasn't grabbing me.

5. Hot Chip feat. Bernard Sumner - hmmm. not bad! (sorry, still convo'ing with Two Door)

6. the Vaccines - 'Blow it Up' - zzz...

7. Belle and Sebastian 'Write about Love' - thanks to Sam Halliday's tip, I am going to get this album. amazing!

11 October 2010

inside a red room, locked behind a door...

the red room of my heart.

it's been a v. exciting weekend with Delphic in town for a v. special show. I still can't really believe it happened. the Temper Trap were off to Austin City Limits for the weekend so the Manc boys had a weekend off and thought, ok, why not go to the Nation's Capital?

I was v. happy to welcome them to my city. normally I take a lot of photos at gigs and sometimes even video parts of songs, but this time I just let it slide b/c I wanted to revel in the Delphic experience and just soak up as much as I could.

you don't understand, I told my friends. they sell out MASSIVE places in the UK. you can't even hope to get a ticket to their shows. this show at tiny little DC9 is going to be of epic proportions.

I was so busy in my merriment - singing along, dancing, pogo-ing, etc. - that I didn't have a moment to shed a tear in response. I was so proud of my friends for putting on such an amazing show. and so happy that my city gave them the kind of reception they SHOULD be getting in every single place they play in America.

(sidenote: completely accidentally, I ran into my cousin on the rooftop bar. I hadn't invited her, she'd come for the open bar with her friends. you know what? she and her friends loved Delphic and told Rick Boardman how great she thought they were. I couldn't have been a prouder cousin!)

I'm getting the silliest, happiest of grins on my face right now thinking about Friday night. the band is heading back into the studio in November so we won't see them for a bit while they get their bearings for album #2, but wow, I can't wait for them to come back and enchant us all over again.

read the coverage:

There Goes the Fear


This is Fake DIY

08 October 2010

2/3 of Delphic with Mike Joyce / East Village Radio

the whole interview with Delphic's James and Rick was on East Village Radio last week but they've got video for anyone who missed it on Thursday.

friggin' adorable.

I still can't believe they're playing in MY town, tonight, in front of me and all my friends. this is just huge.

you don't understand, bands don't do one-offs in DC. this is something truly special.

07 October 2010

this week's Roundtable (07/10)

no Lammo today :( but they've got Midge Ure (Ultravox), comedian Michael Legge and Sean Rowley.

1. Darwin Deez - 'Constellations' - it's catchy but it's annoying as hell. I know MB loves it though :) 'constellations' is a type of therapy? you learn something on every episode of Roundtable.

2. River Nelson - 'Beautiful Life' - what the hell. god awful.

3. Cassius - 'I Love You So' - it's ok. but I think there's better atmospheric dance stuff out there since their last release.

4. Stages of Dan - 'Gary' - the only decent song on today's session so far. how is it possible these guys aren't signed yet???

5. Credit to the Nation feat. Chuck - 'Rta' - what.is.this.crap. it doesn't even have a fun dance beat. good god. what is wrong with the panelists this week? get them out of here.

6. Dutch Uncles - 'Fragrant' - I do love this very much!

7. the Walkmen's new album - oh...zzz...just cos they're on Bella Union doesn't mean they're automatically great. that's the way I used to view XL. no label is infallible.

I missed the winner. I'll add it in this post later if I'm bothered...probably not, b/c they panned my favourites! :P

01 October 2010

I dun wanna go home!

this is really bad. it is about 5 AM here in Boston and I cannot sleep. I got up around 2 AM, feeling like I was burning up. no idea what's going on there.

I have a froggy throat, probably b/c 2 nights in 1 week screaming after three of your favourite bands isn't good on the voice box.

still, I had a great time. Best Coast? not so much, what a snooze. but it was great to check out the Male Bonding and Hundred in the Hands for the first time. and to cheer on Delphic and the Temper Trap. Delphic was aware I was travelling up to see them on tour and were just the nicest, nicest people I've ever met in the music business. I say people are lovely to me seemingly pretty often but you want to be best mates with these guys.

there was one moment during the Boston show Wednesday night when I knew I was the only one singing along in this behemoth of a venue with James Cook and he stopped for a split second to look at me and just gave me this huge grin. I hope he isn't mortified that I know all the words. FYI the photo below is from Philadelphia on Sunday night, I haven't had time to process my Boston photos yet. if you were keeping score, I've done 4 review write-ups already - two Philly ones (one for PW, one for TGTF), Best Coast for DIY, and TTT tour for DIY. I still need to do Best Coast and TTT tour for TGTF. and I've got gigs back to back Friday and Saturday. aiy iy iy...

I also want to mention that something rather funny and endearing. Rick Boardman told me in Boston that he had spoken to his father back home in Marple, who said he'd already read a review of their set in Philadephia. Rick answered, "and I bet I know who wrote that!" I am a bit embarrassed :)

during my stay at the b&b, there was another guest who just happened to be from Manchester (or maybe Altrincham?), whatever he was, he was a Man U fan. anyway, I'd told him the day before I was going to see Delphic, and the next morning he remembered. he said, "how were the Delphics?" my response: "bloody fantastic."

will try and go back to sleep now. not for long, I have to get up at 7 and pack. blargh.