21 May 2009

this week's Roundtable

Thursday's Roundtable sees Steve welcome the NME's Jamie Hodgeson, Ritzy from The Joy Formidable and Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine)

1. Ash - "Return of White Rabbit" - interesting...it's v. repetitive and could get on your nerves.

2. the Big Pink - "Stop the World" - v. different than their last single. it's a little too Nirvana-y for my tastes.

3. Julian Plenti - "Fun That We Have" - what an odd song. what freaked me was that it sounded like someone I used to know.

4. Miike Snow - "Burial" - does it sound like the Guillemots as someone in the chat room suggested? dunno, maybe if it was winter and it was snowing, I'd feel differently...but not ringing my bells.

5. Animal Collective - "Summertime Clothes" - ironic that I hear about this Maryland band through the BBC and not a LOCAL radio station? they just had a sold out show here in D.C. on 11 May.

6. Chew Lips - missed the title b/c I was in the loo - heh, funny that Florence doesn't like this b/c I thought it SOUNDED like her!

7. the winner - tracks from Jarvis Cocker's new album, "Further Complications" - I like the title track, but not a big fan of the first single, "Angela." it's well-trod on territory. but the punters seem to like it - and in today's record market, that's what counts.


reminder: no Roundtable review on 28 May (next week). after regaling with friends and good music at Dot to Dot in Nottingham, I plan to be planted firmly in a nice London Town restaurant this time next week, eat plenty of good curry, and drink too many halves of Stella. have a good week folks!

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