08 June 2009

too sooner late than better - first bit of tales from second May bank holiday blighty trip

so this is my first feeble attempt to atone for not having posted since I left for the glorious land of Friendly Fires, Ladyhawke, Patrick Wolf, and Skint & Demoralised. and have since returned. ::groan::

(click to enlarge image of the blighty brolly. I want one, badly!)

blighty, as usual, was magnificent. except for 27 May (when it was raining quite heavily so much that I took refuge in Westminster Abbey for most of the AM), the sun shone like we were living in utopia. as a close friend told me before I left for England, "maybe England will be the best medicine." it was - and is. my friends over there are so nice, and the music fans and security, on the whole, are much nicer and more accommodating than those here in America. so they make every trip I make over there wonderful.

plus, I truly believe that there must be something in an Englishman's DNA that makes each and every single one of them so charming. only in blighty is a blizzard of handshakes, kisses, and hugs of the male persuasion so v. welcome. a girl never tires of being called sweetheart, love, or darling. from musical friends old and new, from all the National Express coach drivers to the bloke who drove me to Broad Marsh station in Notts - they're all so lovely.

I will say this now - five of them in particular at Dot to Dot in Nottingham were so v. nice that I glow just thinking about them. it was an unforgettable trip. more soon I hope.


I have been v. busy in posting over at PopWreckoning. have a read (reverse chronologic order). and please comment!

Doves with White Light @ 9:30 Club, 06 June 2009 - D.C. gig
interview with Friendly Fires in Nottingham, part 1 - Nottingham, Dot to Dot Festival, really proud of this one :)
interview with Friendly Fires in Nottingham, part 2 - Nottingham, Dot to Dot Festival, and this too :)
interview with Matt Abbott (Skint & Demoralised)
Friendly Fires @ Rock City, 24 May 2009 - Nottingham, Dot to Dot Festival
Patrick Wolf and Ladyhawke @ Rock City, 24 May 2009 - Nottingham, Dot to Dot Festival


my apologies that I have not been able to provide my ever so incisive (har!) reviews of Lammo's Roundtable in the last 2 weeks. but if you had use of only one hand, you prolly wouldn't have been able to do it either.

OH MAN. Gary Crowley's in for Steve Lamacq this week? oh bother. I don't mind Gary, he's just no Lammo.

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