11 April 2011

this week's Roundtable (07/04)

Join Lammo as he welcomes his guests journalist Keith Cameron, Jim-Bob from Carter USM and Jim Dale from Goldheart Assembly into the studio to discuss the latest releases.

1. Friendly Fires - 'Live Those Days Tonight' - sounding very 'Kiss of Life', and that's not a compliment. too little guitar in the forefront. :( "a Duran Duran remix after they were good" - ouch.

2. Graham Coxon, Paloma Faith and Bill Ryder Jones - 'Desire' - nice guitars. don't like anything else. (Paloma has a hell of an annoying voice.) the combination is enough to make you ROFLcopter.

3. the View - 'I Need That Record' - not terrible, but man, what a zzzz....

4. Dells - 'Gob' - umm...

5. Kate Bush - 'Deeper Understanding' - the winner - I don't get the British love for Kate Bush (generally exhibited by the male half of the population). whenever I listen to Kate Bush, I don't know why, but I think of a singing cat. (I like cats, so it's not a total slagging off. it's just that the sound she makes doesn't sound human nor do I think we should be applauding her for it, especially since this one sounds like AUTOTUNE...hello...leave that to Kanye West, please!)

6. Alex Metric and Ian Brown - 'Open Your Eyes' - I don't know how I feel about Ian Brown becoming a dance music star! esp since last week's squashed Stone Roses reformation rumours (thanks ever so much Mani)

7. the Kills new album 'Blood Pressure', including 'Satellite' - I like this stuff, but not as edgy as Alison's work with Jack White in the Dead Weather. boo.

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