21 April 2011

this week's Roundtable (21/04)

Carl Barat, the Bluetones' Mark Morriss, and ...? join Lammo

1. Noah and the Whale - 'Tonight's the Kind of Night' - lovely! what a perfect piece of pop.

2. Tyler the Creator - 'Sandwitches' - next please.

3. Young Rebel Set - 'Lion's Mouth' - it's so scrappy...that's not the feeling I got from their previously released EP. I'll be deliberating on their new album for DIY soon.

4. Thurston Moore - 'Benediction' - the winner - do not like. zzzz.

5. Those Dancing Days - 'Can't Find Entrance' - I like this! it's poppy. not going to change any lives, but catchy.

6. Gomez -'Options' - it's ok but kinda surf poppy?

7. Fight Like Apes' new album 'The Body of Christ and Legs of Tina Turner' - I need to review this for TGTF this weekend. I think it's gonna be good. then again, I expect all albums I receive to be good!

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