14 January 2009

live Morrissey interview/gig on 11 February, Radio2

Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie are travelling down from their comfy confines at the Oxford Road Studios to Broadcasting House, London, to bear witness to a long-time-coming session with the man Morrissey, supposedly beginning with a interview segment. to be broadcast live on Wednesday, 11 February, at their usual show time of 20.00 to 22.00.

info on the 100 pairs of tickets being given away at Radio2's Web site. yet another reason why I hate being on the wrong side of the Atlantic! ::fumes::

random tip of the day: 5 days left to listen to the 12 January Morrissey announcement at 40 min into the Radcliffe/Maconie show and what's more, a humourous bit at 1 hr 5 min into it about someone's mum and fried chicken. seriously tho, it is on topic. I am respectful and amused by Stuart Mac and I think the feeling is mutual :D

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