22 January 2009

not impressed w/ new U2 single / this week's Roundtable

am I the only one who isn't impressed by the new U2 single, "Get On Your Boots"? (now being discussed as we speak by Tom Robinson on Lammo's Roundtable, btw. other guests are the great Frank Turner and Liela Moss of the Duke Spirit.)

maybe it is b/c I saw - for the umpteenth time - the promo video for "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" on VH1 Classic during brekky and heard "Mysterious Ways" on the way to work this morning.

dunno, maybe Bono's political leanings has affected the music? you'd think they would have helped lyric writing, not hinder it.


other entries:
2. Friendly Fires - "Skeleton Boy" - dunno why, but the lyrics sound very We Are Scientists. not the sound tho! I like "Paris" better. not running out to see them.
3. Skint and Demoralised - "It's Definitely Not About You" - I like it (and doesn't hurt that Matt is an exceedingly nice bloke!). much more sing-songy than "The Thrill of Thirty Seconds." has a '50s/'60s playful vibe about it.
4. I missed the title on this one - not really my scene, it was a hip-hoppy dancey thing. I think.
5. Eminem - "Crackbowl"- oh no. never was a fan, hip-hop just isn't my thing. "Slim Shady" drove me crazy. thank you Frank Turner and Tom Robinson!
6. School of Seven Bells - "I Am Under No Disguise" - interesting. a very whirling dervish, new-agey sound.
7. the winner - Fight Like Apes's new album, plus "I'm Beginning to Think You Prefer Beverly Hills 90210" - I'd see them if they come to D.C. their lyrics are unusual to say the least. points for somehow getting "Mary had a little lamb" and "Humpty Dumpty" in a pop song. it's a little squealy for my tastes but I think that's enthusiasm leaking through :)

off to listen to one of Lammo's other shows before Rad/Mac comes on at 3...

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