11 February 2009

the greatest misuse of popular music - in adverts (1)

what is says on the tin: the advertising world has taken some of the most iconic songs of rock 'n' roll and degraded them...to background music to sell product or a brand.

these posts will seek to identify some of the most offending misuses of these songs and in some cases (when I feel the need to rant), why the offence.

old offences
"Come and Get It" - Badfinger and "Like a Rock" - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band - forget now, but they were used here to sell American cars in the '80s.

"Who Can It Be Now?" - Men at Work - a couple Halloweens ago it was used to advertise Kmart's selection of Halloween costumes. yeah, it was funny the first couple of times, but then when you realise what the song is about, it has nothing to do with little sprogs dressed up in their H'day togs.

"Call Me" - Blondie - yes, it has been used for mobile phone adverts. ::inward groan::

more recent
"More Than This" - Roxy Music - some insurance company. I take terrible offence for this song being used for this purpose.

"Hello Goodbye" - Beatles - terrible, terrible use of a great Fabs song for Target. puh-lease.

"Let's Dance" - Chris Montez - oh dear, it's being used for a JC Penney commercial.

"A Horse with No Name" - America - is being used to sell Vera Wang homewares at Kohl's. sorry, but how far away is chic stuff by the wedding dress guru from a bunch of hippies?


b/c Madison Avenue has no shame, I imagine this will be a regular column in this blog, so watch this space.

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