19 February 2009

the promising Soft Pack / this week's Roundtable

The Soft Pack performed on Marc Riley's show last night (I can't be the only one who is grooving to the California band's single, "Nightlife"). Rob Hughes was standing in for an absent Marc and I asked him to ask TSP about what they call the "NME tour" they are doing when they come back to America next month - no, I did not ask for humour, I just wanted to know were they really on an NME tour extension? they didn't answer me but they *did* play three songs - "Extinction," "On My Time," and "Parasites", all of which can be listened to on their MySpace.


Thursday's Roundtable sees Jon McClure from Mongrel join the Music Week's Matt Everett and Fierce Panda's Simon Williams

1. The Enemy - "No Time for Tears" - another hearkening back to the '80s? even for that, not a fan.

2. Jack Penate - "Tonight's Today" - dunno why but the chorus reminds me too much of the arm swaying tendency of Barry Manilow's "Copacabana." it may grow on me but right now that repeating refrain is really annoying. I am still annoyed by the repetition of Wintersleep's "Oblivion" (even though they played the Hub earlier this week). a chatroom participant called it "indie tropicana" which brought Lammo and the other guests laughter.

3. Chew Lips - "Solo" - I am amused - and appreciative - for all these dancey-type songs coming out. I think it was Ladyhawke's "My Delirium" last year that got my ears pricked for tunes that tap Atari-era electronic sounds. a chatroom participant said it sounds like she was just playing the Legend of Zelda. quite. my thoughts exactly!

4. the Noisettes - "Don't Upset the Rhythm" - now I'm confused about this outfit. I *loved* "Wild Young Hearts." I hear this song and think, oh no, oh no no no no - they're sounding like everyone else now! but that's just me...

5. the winner - Titus Andronicus - "My Time Outside the Womb" - I was excited when I saw they were coming to D.C. on 19 April, especially since this is days after the tax man cometh. then I realised, darn, I won't be in town! (this happened last October too, when the Wedding Present decided to visit the area.) but back to the song - not impressed. it's a let-down after their first single.

6. Calvin Harris - "I'm Not Alone" - I heard this earlier and am still not impressed. in the middle, the song does a schizo leap, b/c it decides it should be synth pop.

7. Morrissey's new album "Years of Refusal" (out this week in the U.S. and the UK) - clips of "Paris," "Black Cloud," "That's How People Grow Up," and "It's Not Your Birthday Anymore" - and "Something is Squeezing My Skull" and "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell" in full - Lammo said Morrissey is starting to be like the Ramones - how you'll know exactly what his next record will sound like. (discuss!)

for my part, I have to say "Paris," "That's How People Grow Up," and "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell" sound a lot better live than on the recording. glad that my "date" with the Mozzer is less than 5 weeks away :)

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