07 February 2009

coming round the corner on a scooter

sorry I have not posted since last week's Roundtable (on 29.01). I hope to post about it soon - I was listening to it when it was on but did not have a chance to do anything with it. my brain has been elsewhere: I had to move offices (which despite only moving down the hall required too much of my precious grey cells to figure out how to get all my stuff into a room 1/2 of the size of my now-former office) and I have been working on and therefore worrying about my taxes. it's extra complicated b/c I changed jobs last year and stuff has moved all over the place. (you Yanks out there can commisserate on this yearly groanworthy task we are required to do.)

quick note: in lieu of my review of 05.02's Roundtable songs, have a listen to the National Anthem (about 1 hr 57 into Thursday's show) 'cos it was my pick. it was nice to have "Time of the Season" played for me when one of the Zombies himself, Colin Blunstone, was one of Lammo's guest on Roundtable. I had to do a Joey-like "whoa!" under my breath as the song played.

also, I did not see Passion Pit as planned on 03.02. the show sold out 2 weeks ahead of the gig and when I wrote the club, I got a response of "there won't be any more tickets for this gig, on the day of the show or ever." however, on 02.02 I saw on their schedule that they'd moved the gig up to the main stage and now had 3 times more tickets available than ever before. that just reeks of greediness to me! am I upset that the Airborne Toxic Event show I am going to on 12 March has also moved up to the main stage? yes. can I do anything about it? unfortunately no.

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