23 April 2010

baby, it's you...sha la la la la la la...

the Manchester Warehouse Project site is down and under construction for 2010 (understandably). but they DELETED all the 2009 events! grrrr...I needed to know the 13 November line-up for an article about Prins Thomas on the Roskilde blog. so I was digging around the Web for SOMETHING about the evening and found this instead. I wholeheartedly agree with the author Piran that "I like to think all great bands have the Beatles 'Live at the BBC' in their collection. Don’t correct me." unfortunately (I forget where I read / heard it) but Ed Mac said at one point that he didn't think the Beatles were that important to him, and my heart sank :/

this is weird to me on several levels, the weirdest being that 'Baby It's You' (the Beatles version, not the Shirelles version) was *the* song of me and my exbf. another level is that I recognise that shirt and vest (and no, I'm not a stalker). good god Edd Gibson without a beard looks so friggin' young! the video on YouTube has funny comment of "love ed's voiceee =) and love watching his back too haha" as well.

note: good god there are a lot of covers of 'Paris' on YouTube! once I find a decent one, I will post it here...

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