16 April 2010

ok, so a couple days ago the touring bassist/percussionist of Friendly Fires, Rob Lee, posted a "Shreds" video on YouTube for the band's one performance on Later with Jools Holland. I've never seen one of these "Shreds" videos before so really didn't understand the concept until I read Rob's explanation. here is a paraphrase of his description of the video:


Explanation for those who are unfamiliar with the Shreds concept: This is a Shreds video. The audio on this video is "fake". The original audio has been removed, and a new, intentionally bad soundtrack has been put in its place. As far as I know, the Shreds thing was started by StSanders, aka Santeri Ojala. You can find out more about him at http://www.stsanders.com...

The general concept will either amuse you, or it won't (either's fine, although personally, I can't imagine not finding any of this stuff funny). You might even take offence (I can't help you there). Laughing at a Shreds video (or making one) doesn't mean you are mocking the original artist. For example, in this case, I'm a Friendly Fires fan - in fact, I'm the guy playing the bass guitar and percussion in this video. Friendly Fires are three friends of mine who made a record and invited me to tour the world with them - Shreds videos have been a tour entertainment staple for us over the last few years. This Friendly Fires Shreds video comes fully approved by Friendly Fires themselves (unless they've changed their minds since I showed it to them the other day).

Yaseen Clarke did Ed Macfarlane's vocals and Jack Savidge's vocals; I did everything else.

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I particularly LOLed at 2.50, when Ed Mac is frantically pressing buttons and beeping horns emanate from his Korg. this has to be said, the timing throughout for the instrumentation is impeccable. well done Rob. there's really no wonder why he was involuntarily LOLing to himself last month on Twitter:

I started work on a "Friendly Fires Shreds" video today. I've only done the hi-hats so far, but I'm already LOLing involuntarily.
4:08 PM Mar 16th via web

one wonders what other mischief these boys get up to when they're touring...?

I haven't decided for sure if this FFires Friday amusement thing is going to be a permanent thing but in the meantime, enjoy it while it lasts!

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