08 April 2010

this week's Roundtable (08/04)

if it seems like I haven't posted about Roundtable in a while, you're right. I refused to listen to the 25 March edition for reasons previously discussed. and I'm not sure what happened on April Fool's Day, I must have forgot. but I'm back! (even though I could say something cruel about Mathew Horne. he's lucky that it's UNlikely that a Foals track will be up for review.)

Thursday sees Mat Horne, Bernard Butler and the NME's Krissi Murrison join Thursday's Roundtable

1. Gorillaz feat. Gruff Rhys and De La Soul - 'Superfast Jellyfish' - this is so cartoony. which I suppose is appropriate for a virtual band like Gorillaz?

2. the Cheek - 'Just One Night' - good starting groove. it almost sounds a bit Placebo-y. not seeing the White Lies similarity pointed out by Mat Horne.

3. Lunar Youth -'Nighttime Diamond' - s'alright. interesting note from Kristi's coworker saying they're like Delphic but with nicer clothes.

4. Karen Elson - 'The Ghost That Walks' - mmmm...meh. disaffected female voices do nothing for me. this is Jack White's wife as well, FYI.

5. LCD Soundsystem - 'Drunk Girls' - the winner - this is all right...not immediately catchy though. it's funny, now that I've listened to a LOT of dance music in the last year, I feel kind of a snob about vocals (I still want someone who can sing a melody and be spot on with it) and instrumentation (I say, bring it) - I want everything to be lush as hell :) (I have someone I can blame for that, haha)

however, despite this, the thought of seeing James Murphy live at Roskilde is making me shake. (if you were wondering, the thought of being in close proximity of John Paul Jones on the Orange Stage is making me weak in the knees.)

6. Villa Nah - 'Running On' - it's all right.

7. MGMT's album 'Congratulations' including 'Brian Eno' - I actually really liked the album when I reviewed it, even though I was primed to pan it b/c everyone in the media has slagged them off for creating an album with no singles. read my review over at There Goes the Fear.

I was in near tears when I heard all three panelists saying they liked this track. it may have been an unpopular move for popular music but MGMT deserves serious kudos for the album they've made. it's not predictable and they were themselves making it. what could be better?

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