07 December 2010

Friendly Fires cover Depeche Mode

my old love has come back. and not a moment too soon.

Friendly Fires is scheduled to play at Bowery Ballroom in New York on the 7th of February 2011.

I had a strange dream 2 weeks ago where I dreamt they were going to play at the Rock 'n' Roll Hotel in DC on 5/2 and asked Jack Savidge if that were the case.

they haven't been back to DC since 24 March 2009 - yes, I remember that date well! - so I felt it my duty to remind him that they need to return (and see me of course).

@jackbsavidge 14 hours ago
@theprintedword hmm probably not. Soon though. Hope you're well!

you see, people don't forget me easily ;) and soon. this is exciting. it's been over a year since I've seen them gig, and nearly 2 years since they have been in town.

despite this frigidly cold winter in Washington, I am feeling rejuvenated hearing their interpretation of Depeche Mode's 'Strangelove'. YUM.

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