17 December 2010

this week's Roundtable (16/12; best of 2010 - part 2)

sorry this was delayed, but part 3 of our office party took place exactly during Roundtable yesterday (yes, I wondered myself, who puts on holiday parties that take place over 3 days?)

Lewis Bowman from Chapel Club, Alex Trimble from Two Door Cinema Club (pinch hitting, oddly, for his bass-playing bandmate Kev Baird) and journo David Quantick were the guests.

1. Mystery Jets - 'Dreaming of Another World' - the winner - this gave me such a big smile on my face the first time I heard it. I'm desperate to see them live.

2. Laura Marling - 'Darkness Descends' - she's very good live. it's completely a transcendental experience compared to listening to her recording. go see her.

3. Sleigh Bells - 'Tell 'Em' - I still think they're overrated. they're ok, just massively overhyped. are they going to be around in 2 years? I doubt it. ahahahaha Alex Trimble said "it's like a young girl who is singing along to Stomp!" ohhhh Alex. ::huggles::

4. I Am Kloot - 'Fingerprints' - it's all right but it's a bit meh to me (sorry Guy Garvey) compared to more emotional music like Stornoway's ::swoon::

5. Cee-Lo Green - 'Forget You' - it's ok. the only reason it's getting all this coverage is b/c of the controversy.

6. MGMT - 'Congratulations' - it's ok. I like 'Song for Dan Treacy' better. the album is definitely much better than the critics would have you believe.

7. Warpaint - 'Undertow' - again, don't understand the hype. in a way, I'm kind of glad they're on the BBC Sound of 2011. that kind of ensures they won't go anywhere (haha - sorry, I am a bit sore I was not consulted for it this year as Phil was last year...sucks they only consult with UK-based professionals only)

8. Goldheart Assembly - 'Last Decade' - I LOVE THIS. gorge. ::wahhhhh / sobbbb::

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