16 March 2009

no Roundtable review for 12/03 / upcoming events / Dave Simpson talks about the Doves' latest

I hate it when your blog eats your work before you can post it! argh...

no review of Roundtable from last week - sorry, it had nothing to do with Gary Crowley pinch-hitting for Steve Lamacq, I swear! I was swamped here and also worrying about how I was going to get home from seeing TATE. hey, when you're a girl who goes to gigs by herself most of the time, it's an issue. trust me.

still high from the Morrissey gig here Saturday. stay tuned for more details.

in the meantime, have a look at Nemone's upcoming guests:

17 March La Roux*
17 March Paul Mcgann - you know him as the Eighth Doctor
18 March IT Crowd
19 March Metric
24 March Royksopp
25 March Charlie Brooker
25 March Chew Lips
26 March Lissy Trullie

*the La Roux phone-in had to be rescheduled for 20 March b/c of a scheduling conflict with the Lily Allen tour

and next on the Hub:
23 Mar - The Rakes
27 Mar - Doves (they were with Mark Radcliffe last Tuesday)
30 Mar - PJ Harvey & John Parish
06 Apr - Bat For Lashes


Dave Simpson is quickly becoming one of my fave Guardian writers. today, he posted this about the return of the Doves. other notable pieces:

live review of Carl Barat in Wakefield
review of Rhino's Smiths compilation
previously aforementioned discussion on the Airborne Toxic Event

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