05 March 2009

a quandary / this week's Roundtable

I have a problem. have to decide between Peter Bjorn & John (who I am now nicknaming PB&J) with Chairlift supporting at the 9:30 Club OR Noah and the Whale at the Black Cat. both are in town on Saturday 2 May. I've sent a note to the Whale blokes saying if they bring Emmy the Great along on their NA tour, there's no contest.

Thursday - Lammo welcomes Eddie Argos, Richard Jobson and Johnny Dee onto Roundtable

1. the winner - PJ Harvey and John Parish - "Black Hearted Love" - I know it's blasphemous, but I never got into Miz Harvey. when the song came on, I mistook it for a new track from the Pretenders.

2. the Big Pink - "Velvet" - this makes me smile. it's cloying, but cloying like a blanket that envelops you when you need it. shoegazing is back, woooo!

3. the Blockheads - "Greed" - WTH is this? it sounds like bad white hip hop. Ian Dury and the Blockheads were monumental in their day and now we've got this???

4. Delphic - "Counterpoint" - hrm. it's very electronic, Eurythmics-y. I don't hate it but I don't love it to death either.

5. Neil Young - "Johnny Magic" - Phil of 6music says this - and the whole album - is about Neil building an electric car. lmao.

6. Hatcham Social - "Murder in the Dark" - another example of too many '80s sounding - synthy - songs all coming out at the same time. interesting that some chatters thought it sounds like a super fey, super young David Byrne, but I don't see it. David could sing circles around this bloke.

7. PeteR Doherty - tracks from his new album "Grace Wasteland" - plus "Through the Looking Glass" and "New Love Grows on Trees" in full - it's just not emotive enough for me.

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