19 March 2009

this week's Roundtable

6Music's very own Shaun Keaveny joined 1965 Record's James Endeacott and Andy Cairns from Therapy? for Roundtable this week

1. the winner - Super Furry Animals - "Inaugural Trams"- I can't get into the weird vibrating effects applied to the lead singer's voice. I've never gotten int SFA so maybe I need to get over that hurdle first before I can enjoy this track. do you have to be a Brit to get them?

2. Alessi's Ark - "Over the Hill" - really fab. a Joni Mitchell for today. (that is if she actually plays guitar. I don't know this, b/c months ago I tried to add her as a friend on MySpace and couldn't find the link.) I really liked her single "Horses" so I am biased!

3. Brakes - "Don't Take Me to Space (Man)" - heh, the lyrics are funny. which is difficult to do, judging by music as of late. not digging it as much as the last single...but good.

4. Middle Class Rut - "I Guess You Could Say" - this isn't taking me somewhere special. not impressed.

5. Maccabees - "Love You Better" - sorry, but this is rubbish. which is funny b/c their last single was a lot better, once I got used to it. this one - not so much.

6. Grandmaster Flash - "Shine All Day" - I miss the days of "White Lines" (yeah, I am a Duran Duran fan.)

7. selections from Pet Shop Boys's new album, including "Love Etc.,""Beautiful People," and "Pandemonium" and "Did You See Me Coming?" and "Building a Wall" in full - I really like "Love Etc." I like good dance music, so a poppy/dancey album from PSB is great. wooo, I can see myself movin' and groovin' to "Did You See Me Coming?" on the dance floor.

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