26 March 2009

I'm published! / this week's Roundtable

one small step towards becoming a music journo...maybe? have a read of my Morrissey review from 14 March (Warner Theatre) here (on Popwreckoning). I may post more thoughts and pics related to my gig experience later, I just figured you'd want to read what was in the blogosphere before I update again here.

FYI "Something is Squeezing My Skull" has been added this week to the 6music playlist.


RoundTable returns for another week, with musician Chas Jankel, journalist Leonie Cooper, and this week's Rebel Playlist winner, Patrick Wolf.

1. Maximo Park - "The Kids Are Sick Again" - Patrick Wolf thought it sounded like a jingle and had a personal grudge against them - lol. I agree with the consensus that this tune isn't great. The problem? It's forgettable.

2. Empire of the Sun - "We Are the People" - this doesn't grab me as much as the previous "Walking on a Dream." maybe b/c then, they were fresh (to me)?

3. Polly Scattergood - I missed the title. probably b/c I agreed with Leonie's assessment of "too twee."

4. Fan Following (?) - "Drowning Man" - first thought? the Duran Duran song. the instrumentation's great, but I didn't get the lyrics b/c of it.

5. Morrissey - "Something is Squeezing My Skull" - y'know, I didn't like this v. much the first time I heard it. now that I've seen it live (literally) and on a couple tv appearances, I can say it's a grower. I don't particularly care for the lyrics...but hey, it's Morrissey :) and yay, I love Patrick for what he said about Steven.

6. In Case of Fire - "Enemies" - yikes. this reminds of why I don't listen to bad "American indie" - thrashing guitars with vocals you can barely make out. oh dear, oh dear. not a fan.

7. the winner - new album from Gomez - I dunno why everyone's gone gaga over this. have I lost the plot???

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