19 July 2009

music bytes

gosh, has it really been over 2 weeks since I've posted? sorry about that. work's been quite hectic gearing up for a software transition, and I hope when we've switched over to the new system on 21 July, I don't get bombarded by email and phone calls. fingers crossed please...b/c this has direct ramifications if I can go gigging next month...

so positive vibes are mucho appreciated, thank you!

and apologies for the missed Roundtable commentary. I've been listening, I just haven't had the time or brain cells to devote to posting about them. I may if I have time go backward and view the lists Phil, Gary, or whoever else on Steve Lamacq's production team puts up after the shows and provide my thoughts - I hadn't known there were lists going back a long, long time - so now that I know, I don't really have much of an excuse not to :) in fact, I think I'm going to re-listen to the 16 July episode because...


the best moment on last Thursday's show was Lammo telling off the person who had written presumably "Gary Newman" on his crib sheet...I have to hear it again to get it down properly, but I laughed out loud hearing him yell this obvious newbie mistake!


I'm feeling accomplished. just last night I finished a review of Jack Penate's album "Everything is New" (it came out on 22 June in the UK but isn't to drop in the U.S. until 18 August). it's a pretty good album but...well, you'll just have to wait until my review at Popwreckoning goes online to read the rest of my review.

Brakes (who have to be known as BrakesBrakesBrakes in the U.S. b/c there already IS an American band called the Brakes) is touring here next month. if I can keep my eyes open, I may see them on 5 October. that's a Monday and several days before I need to traipse out to San Diego for work, so not sure...I'd like to see them tho. it'd be cool to see "Don't Take Me To Space (Man)" live. I remember hearing it on Lammo's programme like it was yesterday and thinking, yah, I like this groove, I like the lyrics: "don't take me to space, man / I got a taste of true love" - mmm yes!

that said...


the next three months are looking quite busy in D.C. for gigs. I'm not going to all of these, mind you (if only!), but here's a brief listing:

4 August - Elbow w/ Jesca Hoop - 9:30 Club
6-7 August - Van Morrison - DAR
15 August - Bat for Lashes - 9:30 Club
26 August - Cobra Starship - Rock 'n' Roll Hotel (sold out)
30 August - Virgin Mobile Fest - Merriweather (free this year) - the only acts I would be interested to see are Franz Ferdinand and DJ Pete Tong

3 September - Pet Shop Boys - DAR
4 September - Alice in Chains - 9:30 Club (sold out)
8 September - Kings of Leon - Merriweather
18 September - Jack Penate w/ Miike Snow- Rock 'n' Roll Hotel
19 September - Horrors w/ Crocodiles - Black Cat
25 September - Maximo Park w/ Cougar - Black Cat

3 October - Charlatans (UK) w/ Hatcham Social - Black Cat
5 October - We Were Promised Jetpacks, Brakes, and the Twilight Sad (FatCat Records tour) - Black Cat Backstage
12 October - Airborne Toxic Event w/ Henry Clay People and Red Cortez - 9:30 Club
22 October - Gaslight Anthem w/ Murder By Death and the Loved Ones - 9:30 Club


it boggles my mind that Elbow has to support Coldplay in the U.S. and can only headline 3 shows here. I mean, they ARE headlining Bestival in September...so obviously some people on this planet have better taste...

it is even more mind-boggling that D.C. is one of those cities where Elbow is headlining (L.A. and Atlanta being the other two). we must be coming up in the world of music...

Brit bands, take note!


and after a "forced" hiatus (read: no bands I like have come to town in the last 4 weeks) , I will be seeing Paolo Nutini w/ Matt Hires and Erin McCarley with a Twitter friend of mine on Thursday. yay! I have yet to find a high that equals or exceeds the feeling I get from a live gig :)

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