31 July 2009

Splendour in the Grass coverage (Australia)

Scott Gamble, an Australian tv producer, was kind enough to Tweet me about the Splendour in the Grass festival recordings and footage that TripleJ, a tv/radio station conglomerate (I think?) down under, is going to post on their Web site. thankfully, he says it will be available to all - not only to people who live in that country, like...uh...the videos the BBC puts online! - and I've already partaked in some of their offerings, including the audio of the Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize?" and I thought this 5-minute clip with Friendly Fires was rather, erm, informative. poor Jack, he had swine flu... :( so that's what was making him so poorly at the time of the Levi's gig.

Triple J interview with Ed and Edd

and then I found this amusing photo of Jack and a related interview. thankfully, he looks a lot healthier!

I've added both triplej and triplejtv to my Twitter to keep track of new postings on their site, and I can't wait!

in particular, I'm dying to see the FF guys cooking. I have been in conversation with my gfs about what they're cooking in this pic, but I think we've come to the agreement that they're probably making pancakes. the contents of the nearly Bloody Mary pitcher on the left side of the screen look mighty tasty...you see, guys doing domestic things - cooking, the washing up, hoovering, etc. - hold a special place in my heart. I <3 it even when they're not very good at it and just trying for the sake of us women. see, I'm not that difficult to please! anyhoo, before any further digression...

in short, I think it's lovely that the folks in Oz are so giving and willing to share. thank you Aussies!

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