26 July 2009

this week's Roundtable (23/07)

Thursday's Roundtable brought together Charlotte Hatherley (ex-Ash), journalist Jonny Dee and our very own Iyare to discuss some new releases

I'll say this now - this was a rough week b/c I had several favourites going into it. Steve had during the week already hinted to the songs going to be for review, I'd heard a lovely a cappella version Little Boots did of "Remedy" at Latitude on Radcliffe/Maconie on the 16th, and I'd already been thrown into a happy tailspin from all the Friendly Fires coverage during the week.

1. Muse - "United States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage)" (19.6) - this sounded so Queen that my ears felt dirty listening to it, being a Queen fan. not pure Queen, like Indian-influenced Queen. I heard this a while back on Zane Lowe's Radio1 show and thought to myself, how is this going to fly in today's radio atmosphere? there's even that classical piano bit that I *love* but I know it's going to be accepted by most rock fans out there today. maybe there are enough Muse fans out there to make this a hit? even so...ODD. was Iyare right when he said Muse jumped the shark? I think this may be so. dunno...

2. Beastie Boys feat. Nas - "Too Many Rappers" (26) - I thought this might be an odd pairing. I miss old skool Beasties. the other day, I heard "Intergalactic" on the radio and thought, man, when this came out when I was in uni, I absolutely loved it.

3. the Big Pink - "Dominos" (28) - not as good as the last two singles, but still good. but I have to give them the benefit of the doubt b/c I read on the internet that Patrick Wolf's sister Jo Apps is now playing with them! wowwwww. but...I am still mad at them for dissing Nottingham's D2D. boo! they need to play America soon just to make up for this!

4. Little Boots - "Remedy" (21) - I love this - it's a fun song. I really wish I had had the energy to stay up for her set at the Rescue Rooms in May. oh man. and I have to say, after performing a cappella for Stuart Mac, it's clear the girl has singing chops and her voice can stand alone without the stuff behind her.

5. the winner - Friendly Fires - "Kiss of Life" (32.5) - I shouldn't really make a comment here, b/c a) seen this video about 15 times in the last 4 days, b) I've already transcribed the lyrics from it, and c) analysed and overanalysed the lyrics, b/c I had a dream last summer that is so similar to the story in this song, that I'm a bit scared. Friendly Fires post coming soon...

I was grinning from ear to ear when Lammo said it sounded like guys who had fun making the record. I just didn't think he would like it - but he did! big order of scampi fries and Diamond White cider next time I see him....and to the others too :)

6. Frank Turner - "The Road" (24) - I really like this. it's not as poppy as "Kiss of Life" but it's perfect in its own way, b/c this is what Frank does. when will he get over here for a tour???

7. Reverend & the Makers - "A French Kiss in The Chaos" (24) - I like "Silence is Talking," but not really into the other stuff on this album. it sounds...off...does it really sound like Oasis?

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