02 July 2009

this week's Roundtable (02/07) starring Matt of Skint & Demoralised

so my buddy Matt Abbott of Skint & Demoralised is seriously making the rounds of all the important shows - Nick Grimshaw of Radio1, Loose Women on ITV (haha), and now Lammo's Roundtable!

Thursday sees Radio1's Bethan (I have no idea who this is, oops!) join A&R legend James Endeacott and Matt from Skint and Demoralised on Roundtable

1. the winner - Bloc Party - "One More Chance" - this sounds totes Bloc Party. it reminds me of Haddaway. is that a good thing? I can see how this could get old, fast. but for a dance tune, it's ok.

2. Noah and the Whale - "Blue Skies" - absolutely gorgeous. can't wait to get my hands on the new album and see them live again!

3. Speech da Belle - "Better Days"- no surprise here that I'm not a fan, not a fan of rap and hip-hop stylings for the most part. it's all right, it's a bit MIA-flavoured as James suggested.

4. Julian Plenti - "Only If You Run" - hmmm. I'm on the fence for this. this sounds swirly like the Big Pink, but doesn't have the same good oomph.

5. Dizzee Rascal - "Holiday" - I heard this before. it's ok. I can see how it might grow on me, b/c it's a summery song, but in general, not a fan of this kind of thing. it won't be played much on the radio here I can assure you, so I guess that's the only saving grace.

6. the XX - "Basic Space" - this is a new band on the XL label. I know this b/c as was explained to me by Ed Macfarlane of Friendly Fires, their drummer Jack Savidge stood me up to see them instead of me in Nottingham. (incidentally, he owes a mobile for this ;) or maybe not, Steve just said they're releasing the single on Young Turks (?) will have to research this later...in the meantime tho, this band sounds like Chairlift. agree?

7. La Roux's self-titled debut - "Bulletproof," "I'm Not Your Toy," "Colourless Colour", and "Tigerlily" and "As If By Magic" in full - while it appears that Elly Jackson has put her foot in her mouth a couple times (today being put on the stake by the Guardian), I don't think it's because she's a spiteful person. it's kind of like Morrissey and his acid tongue. I still like the music :)

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