19 July 2009

this week's Roundtable (16/07)

Patrick Wolf joined Thomas Dolby and Martin Carr on Thursday's Roundtable

described by Steve as "the best hat, the best hair, and the best trinket on a string" (Dolby, Carr, and Wolf)

1. the Cribs - "Cheat on Me" - I like the instrumentation. this has nothing to do with Johnny Marr now being an official member of the band, I swear! (::grin::) but the chorus gets a little grating, the whole "CHEAT on ME!" bit.

2. Brendan Benson - "Feel Like Taking You Home" - not a fan. not sure where Patrick is going with the Klaus Nomi and Nine Inch Nails-lite thoughts?

3. Athlete - - I forget the name now but I liked one song of Athlete's, and I do like this, it reminds me of good '80s synthpop. but would someone please explain, what is up with bands and their pyromaniac tendencies? first it was Kings of Leon, then Kasabian. now these guys?

4. Nextman - "Every Little Thing" - hehehe. I shouldn't like this but I do. I've been on a dance kick lately...

5. Biffy Clyro - "The Golden Rule" - LOL. the strings are an attempt to make it bigger than it really is. Patrick Wolf hit it on the head...and he should know, b/c he actually knows how to play the violin.

6. El Bronx - "Cellmate"- never thought the day would come when I'd hear mariachi music on Steve Lamacq's programme. it's obviously white guys trying to make Latino-ey music. ODD.
Patrick Wolf is headed towards mariachi music next? NOOOOOOOOO

7. the Dead Weather - "Treat Me Like Your Mother" and others from the album "Horehound" - I have to say TMLYM grew on me - the vocals grated on me at first, but now it's like this down 'n' dirty ditty.

y'know what, I don't think they announced a winner! *snarf*

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