17 October 2009

fly-by-night pubs update

I am chilling with some Bibio ("Ambivalence Avenue") while I post this terrible excuse for a blog entry: a list of everything I've posted to PW and TGTF in the last couple of weeks (not including mp3 of the day and video of the moment features, b/c you should really visit There Goes the Fear daily for those.

I am supposed to meet and interview Eddie Argos of Art Brut tomorrow night. I'm anxious. I'm not as well versed on Art Brut (or comics, his favourite subject as of late) as I should be, so this makes me nervous. he's a free spirit. and anyone knows me I'm pretty much "by the book". I hope he calls me "sweetheart" and those nerves evaporate away. Eddie has started a tour diary on his blog and I hope Washington gets a mention, and not because of a "silly Oriental girl with glasses I met and knew nothing about me or my band". fingers crossed.

I was remiss in not posting on Friday - it was Steve Lamacq's birthday. happy HAPPY Lammo! I hope it was great. (that he was on holiday all week, I take as a v. good sign.)

and here are the links:

Pains of Being Pure at Heart with Cymbals Eat Guitars and the Depreciation Guild @ Black Cat

Bajofondo with the Phenomenal Handclap Band @ 9:30 Club (btw it should be noted that Sean Marquand gave me a huge grin and waved when he saw me. holla.)

Airborne Toxic Event with Red Cortez and the Henry Clay People @ 9:30 Club

interview with Marc Beatty and Eamon Hamilton of Brakes:
part 1 - here
part 2 - here

Fat Cat tour featuring We Were Promised Jetpacks, Brakes, and the Twilight Sad

interview with Charlotte Hatherley (whose PR liked my album review)

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