01 October 2009

your name in lights

quick update from me. a while back I was alerted that I had become famous. sort of. I was blogged about by a Northern Virginia band. read on:

You're bored listening to your re-rere-remastered of the complete collection of the Beatles !? Helloooho, we're on 2009 now ! Just check out Mary Chang's blog and see what's the dynamic Britpop scene has to offer nowadays.

I've been to couple of very good shows that past month: Bat for Lashes at the 9:30 club, and Phenomenal Hand Clap Band at the DC9. I did not know these bands beforehand, I just went there on the advise of a friend of my very best friend (draw your own conclusions). Her name (of the friend of my friend, to make things clear, if this can be): Mary. It came out that Mary devoted herself to Britpop: she knows and follows an impressive amount of bands, she goes to most of the gigs in DC, even traveling to festivals, in the US or even in the UK ! Not only she is passionate, but she also knows how to share that passion by being a writer on popwreckoning.com. I really enjoy reading her articles and thanks to her I discovered new bands that I'm listening to now. So I thought that deserved couple of lines here, and I'm sure that many of the Starryville fans, or just music lovers, would enjoy reading Mary's articles and advises as well. Enjoy !

from this page on the Starryville blog

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