22 October 2009

this week's Roundtable (22/10) / Jarvis is a new 6music presenter

even though I feel like I've been run over by a bus and if I could, would crawl into bed, duvet over my head, I will not let *4* weeks go by without a Roundtable assessment. my readers, you see what great pains I take for you?

special Electric Proms edition live from the Roundhouse featuring Florence Welch, Romeo from The Magic Numbers, and Jarvis Cocker

1. LCD Soundsystem - "Bye Bye Bayou" (Alan Vega cover) - James Murphy is back. let's get back on the dancefloor, peeps...wooo!

2. Frank Turner - "Poetry of the Deed" - I really like Frank. I am still annoyed that the closest he has played is Baltimore. and he was recently in Washington, but I don't really count that b/c he was going through the airport (presumably Washington Dulles, where Friendly Fires were separated from their drum kit earlier this year). this isn't as jaunty as I remember his other songs being, but good nevertheless. "life is too short / to live without poetry" - yes!

3. the Drums - "I Felt Stupid" - it's with some dubiosity (is that a word?) that yet again, BBC Radio has discovered and tipped an American band before us Americans even heard of them. oh dear, the chorus is annoying as hell. and I had so much hope for them with "Let's Go Surfing". hahaha Jarvis was disappointed in the song after hearing the title.

I should prolly note here I'm not a big fan of Flo (partly due to a diva-like dissing I heard her give another band last winter, before either of them were "a big deal"). but every other word coming out of her mouth is "like" and she sounds really ditzy. and she is listening to some greatest hits of the Eurythmics. ::snore::

4. Mumford and Sons - "Winter Winter" (I think?) - oddly, I am starting to like these mates of Noah and the Whale than the Whale themselves and I feel terrible for it. ukelele jangling and Marcus Mumford's voice not wholly unlike Charlie Fink and I'm all confused. then there's a trumpet, which reminds me of Fanfarlo...I think? and possibly an accordion?

5. oops. missed this one. must not have been great, b/c it wasn't taking me away from watching this video of Eddie Argos of Art Brut defeating Craig Finn of the Hold Steady at sumo wrestling.

6. something Zola (they must be Italian b/c NME was blowing up all over the place today about it) - "Lies" - Jarvis called the sound "guitars trying to do the big fuzzy thing" (lololol).

7. the winner - Julian Casablancas's solo album including "Out of the Blue" and "" - at first listen...man, these songs sound stupid and uninspired. I am ambivalent about the Strokes (take 'em or leave 'em) so it's nothing related to my previous bias for his band.

OMG Jarvis Cocker will be having his own weekly programme with 6music next year? 15.30 to 17.30 on Sundays. ACES! his first order of business, announcing "a bangin' track from Leonard Cohen". ROFL

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