19 November 2009

(dead se)xx(y)

so I saw THE *it* band, the xx, at a sold out gig here in D.C. at teensy weency DC9 Sunday night (15 November). it felt weird being the only person who knew all the words / was singing along, especially the latter b/c cosinger/bassist Oliver Sim implored everyone to sing along to their cover of Womack and Womack's "Teardrops" but I was the only person who could take them up on the offer. "footsteps on the dancefloor / remind me baby of you..."

doesn't matter though. the guitars were gorgeous. the vocals were gorgeous. I converted a friend to them. the band looked like they really enjoyed themselves here in D.C.

and the gig got me really stoked about seeing them again in Boston in 2 weeks. *2 effin' weeks.* can't believe it. they're doing an in-store at Newbury Comics a couple hours before the Paradise gig, so I'm obvs. going to that as well.


obligatory bloggage:

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and if you need more xx-age, read my posts about the band supporting Friendly Fires at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on PW and TGTF. 2 weeks to seeing them as well. v. happy about all of this, esp in light of some recent events...

most definitely taken at the MHOW gig where I could shoot with flash!

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