05 November 2009

this week's Roundtable (05/11)

Ash's Tim Wheeler joins Roundtable alongside Wall Of Sound's Mark Jones and our very own Chris Hawkins

1. Dizzee Rascal - "Dirty Cash" - s'ok.

2. Polly Scattergood - "Bunny Club" (Lady Chatterley's single mix) - it was with much amusement/shock that I saw Polly's album this summer in the music section of a local Borders bookshop (not usually up to date on current music, especially that from cross the pond). I really want her to succeed, I think the fragility of her voice is so unique from the other girl screamers out there right now.

3. Kids of 88 - "My House" - it's all right.

4. the Northwestern - "What Did I Do" - first of all, I hate song titles that sound stupid on paper. er...this sounds pretty run of the mill. then again, that's what I first thought about the Cribs...overall it went down well across the panel.

5. Poker Party - "Serbian Tennis" - killer riffs to begin with. (plus.) hilarious title. (another plus.) but why oh why is everything starting to sound like the Cribs to me? (is that a minus?) *LOLZ*

6. the Very Best - the winner - "Julia" - ahhh. gorgeous. the singer, Esau, is charismatic live. might as well post my Very Best/Javelin two gig reviews from Monday night here:

PopWreckoning review
TGTF review

an aside: it's v. odd that Johan Carlberg, a Swede and the guy who was spinning the records, reminds of my (English) ex. my thought? scary.

7. Weezer's new album including "I'm Your Daddy" and "The Girl Got Hot" - I am really scared of Rivers Cuomo and co. attempting to do dancepop. don't do it man.

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