12 November 2009

this week's Roundtable (12/11)

We welcome Brett Anderson (ex-Suede), Steve Levine, and Jim Bob (Carter USM's whatever that is?) into the studio to review some new records on Roundtable.

1. Basement Jaxx feat. Lightspeed Champion - "My Turn" - hmmm. not as good as what I'm used to the Jaxx...I don't have "Scars" so I can't really make an informed opinion if everything else on the album sounds like this. but I'm not as inspired about this song as the previous two (ex. "Raindrops").

2. Devendra Banhart - "16th and Valencia Roxy Music" - my sometimes gigmate A calls Devendra "creepy folk music". ahahaha. this doesn't sound that folky though. oddly, they're big in America - or at least big enough to warrant an extensive fall N. Amer. tour.

3. Pet Shop Boys - "All Over the World" - it starts like the "Dance of the Toys" from the Nutcracker. er...? how odd. and then it comes back in during the chorus. guys, did you really feel the need to sample xmas tunes?? ick. you know this is going to come on Radio2 in the coming weeks in advance of xmas :P

4. the winner - Fionn Regan - "Protection Racket" - ??? it sounds like a band trying to emulate the Libs but failing.

5. sorry, I missed this one when someone came by for a workie chat.

6. Pyramids - "Medicine" - synths - cool. otherwordly vocals - cool. how interesting that they are from Portland, b/c they sound like Hockey!

7. Biffy Clyro's new album with "The Captain", "This Golden Rule", "Bubbles", and "Many of Horror" - the guitars on "Bubbles" sound like "Running on Empty", no? I have to agree with Brett on this one - it's not getting to me where it needs to. I feel bad, b/c my friend C loves the new album. but like Peter Bjorn and John say, "it don't move me".

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