01 October 2010

I dun wanna go home!

this is really bad. it is about 5 AM here in Boston and I cannot sleep. I got up around 2 AM, feeling like I was burning up. no idea what's going on there.

I have a froggy throat, probably b/c 2 nights in 1 week screaming after three of your favourite bands isn't good on the voice box.

still, I had a great time. Best Coast? not so much, what a snooze. but it was great to check out the Male Bonding and Hundred in the Hands for the first time. and to cheer on Delphic and the Temper Trap. Delphic was aware I was travelling up to see them on tour and were just the nicest, nicest people I've ever met in the music business. I say people are lovely to me seemingly pretty often but you want to be best mates with these guys.

there was one moment during the Boston show Wednesday night when I knew I was the only one singing along in this behemoth of a venue with James Cook and he stopped for a split second to look at me and just gave me this huge grin. I hope he isn't mortified that I know all the words. FYI the photo below is from Philadelphia on Sunday night, I haven't had time to process my Boston photos yet. if you were keeping score, I've done 4 review write-ups already - two Philly ones (one for PW, one for TGTF), Best Coast for DIY, and TTT tour for DIY. I still need to do Best Coast and TTT tour for TGTF. and I've got gigs back to back Friday and Saturday. aiy iy iy...

I also want to mention that something rather funny and endearing. Rick Boardman told me in Boston that he had spoken to his father back home in Marple, who said he'd already read a review of their set in Philadephia. Rick answered, "and I bet I know who wrote that!" I am a bit embarrassed :)

during my stay at the b&b, there was another guest who just happened to be from Manchester (or maybe Altrincham?), whatever he was, he was a Man U fan. anyway, I'd told him the day before I was going to see Delphic, and the next morning he remembered. he said, "how were the Delphics?" my response: "bloody fantastic."

will try and go back to sleep now. not for long, I have to get up at 7 and pack. blargh.

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