11 October 2010

inside a red room, locked behind a door...

the red room of my heart.

it's been a v. exciting weekend with Delphic in town for a v. special show. I still can't really believe it happened. the Temper Trap were off to Austin City Limits for the weekend so the Manc boys had a weekend off and thought, ok, why not go to the Nation's Capital?

I was v. happy to welcome them to my city. normally I take a lot of photos at gigs and sometimes even video parts of songs, but this time I just let it slide b/c I wanted to revel in the Delphic experience and just soak up as much as I could.

you don't understand, I told my friends. they sell out MASSIVE places in the UK. you can't even hope to get a ticket to their shows. this show at tiny little DC9 is going to be of epic proportions.

I was so busy in my merriment - singing along, dancing, pogo-ing, etc. - that I didn't have a moment to shed a tear in response. I was so proud of my friends for putting on such an amazing show. and so happy that my city gave them the kind of reception they SHOULD be getting in every single place they play in America.

(sidenote: completely accidentally, I ran into my cousin on the rooftop bar. I hadn't invited her, she'd come for the open bar with her friends. you know what? she and her friends loved Delphic and told Rick Boardman how great she thought they were. I couldn't have been a prouder cousin!)

I'm getting the silliest, happiest of grins on my face right now thinking about Friday night. the band is heading back into the studio in November so we won't see them for a bit while they get their bearings for album #2, but wow, I can't wait for them to come back and enchant us all over again.

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