07 October 2010

this week's Roundtable (07/10)

no Lammo today :( but they've got Midge Ure (Ultravox), comedian Michael Legge and Sean Rowley.

1. Darwin Deez - 'Constellations' - it's catchy but it's annoying as hell. I know MB loves it though :) 'constellations' is a type of therapy? you learn something on every episode of Roundtable.

2. River Nelson - 'Beautiful Life' - what the hell. god awful.

3. Cassius - 'I Love You So' - it's ok. but I think there's better atmospheric dance stuff out there since their last release.

4. Stages of Dan - 'Gary' - the only decent song on today's session so far. how is it possible these guys aren't signed yet???

5. Credit to the Nation feat. Chuck - 'Rta' - what.is.this.crap. it doesn't even have a fun dance beat. good god. what is wrong with the panelists this week? get them out of here.

6. Dutch Uncles - 'Fragrant' - I do love this very much!

7. the Walkmen's new album - oh...zzz...just cos they're on Bella Union doesn't mean they're automatically great. that's the way I used to view XL. no label is infallible.

I missed the winner. I'll add it in this post later if I'm bothered...probably not, b/c they panned my favourites! :P

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