21 October 2010

this week's Roundtable (21/10)

this week's Roundtable welcomes Krissi Murisson (NME Editor), Blaine Harrison (Mystery Jets) and Simon Raymonde

1. Miles Kane - 'Inhaler' - I really like this. read my review on TGTF here. interesting hypothesis from Krissie - "inhale her...."

2. N.E.R.D. - 'Hypnotize U' - oh blah. stupid lyrics too. why do rappers insist on using "U" instead of "you"? it's not cool, it's not even cute. it's moronic.

3. Is Tropical - 'South Pacific' - synthy. Delorean / Sleigh Bells vibe? probably going to skyrocket.

4. the Neat - 'Hips ' - the winner - man this is annoying. Steve likes this band, though it's not doing a thing for me.

5. Wilder - 'Skyful of Rainbows' - I really like this. we're giving it away on TGTF tomorrow if you are interested! I hope Blaine isn't ticked that I compared this track to the Jets and Steve read my comment on air (oops)

6. the Bluetones - 'Golden Soul' - beautiful. just beautiful. it's got a bit of a Lilac Time whiff.

7. Kings of Leon's new album - blahhhhh why does everyone love them so much? zzzzzz...I can't even get into the song called 'Mary', hahaha.

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