14 October 2010

this week's Roundtable (14/10) - in Manchester!

celebrating In the City being back at its spiritual home of Manchester (RIP Tony Wilson), Steve hosts a special Roundtable with John Robb, Peter Hook and Guy Garvey

1. a Gorillaz track I missed warming up my lunch downstairs - Gorillaz. good but not great. I'm sure I've heard this song before if not this very instance this evening.

2. the Jim Jones Revue - 'Shoot First' - this band is a little rough around the edges. but better than Nick Cave's Grinderman thingy. "for anyone who hasn't seen them live, they genuinely kick butt" - oh Lammo...I love your enthusiasm!

3. Sleigh Bells - 'Infinity Guitars' - the winner - ok ok. I give. pretty brill track!

4. a Cherry Ghost song - ...er?... - sorry, I'm a little preoccupied talking with my Irish buds Two Door Cinema Club on Twitter ;) whatever it was...wasn't grabbing me.

5. Hot Chip feat. Bernard Sumner - hmmm. not bad! (sorry, still convo'ing with Two Door)

6. the Vaccines - 'Blow it Up' - zzz...

7. Belle and Sebastian 'Write about Love' - thanks to Sam Halliday's tip, I am going to get this album. amazing!

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