16 November 2010

why I have a serious dislike of Glee

this is pretty sickening. (paraphrased from this Rolling Stone online article published in October, it shows how Fox's Glee, with the help of the digital age, have allowed a television show to surpass one of pop's greatest acts)

With six new entries on this week's Hot 100, thanks to their Britney Spears-themed episode, Glee has toppled the Beatles' four-decade-old record for most singles placed on the chart. The cast has registered 75 total singles total, surpassing the Fab Four's 71, the BBC reports. Only Elvis Presley (108 singles) and James Brown (91) have scored more. But even those two icons might see their records fall by the end of Glee's second season: the show's Michael Jackson episode will reportedly air after Super Bowl XLV.

I am all for young people embracing music and getting excited about music, because when I was in school, anyone involved with music was in chorus (like I was) or played in band, and it was most definitely not a cool thing to be associated with either. however, substandard versions of classics - the Lady of Soul Aretha Franklin's 'Respect' and the legend that should never be touched 'Tonight' from West Side Story, just two examples - should not see the light of day. pretty soon we're going to have sprogs growing up thinking 'Don't Stop Believin' was from a Glee episode and not penned by Steve Perry. these are the same kinds of kids from the previous generation who thought 'Last Kiss' was by Pearl Jam and not Wayne Cochran.

someone once asked me, "you like music. so I figured you must like Glee!" ummm...no. I've seen snippets of the show b/c some of my friends are fans...and even though I tried to find merits, I'm definitely not a fan. how is this show a hit? like many "kids" oriented shows, the characters are superficial and have no depth. maybe that's the secret - like Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, etc. it's all kid-focused brainwashing.

oh, and I have another reason to dislike it. I think I got ignored in a chat with a longtime friend tonight b/c she went off to watch it!

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