19 November 2010

ExploreMusic interview / Electronic Beats festival appearance

normally I post one video for the Friday Amusement feature, but I got sent a link last night to something v. recent that I've tacked on to my original post.

1. why does Rick Boardman want to quit remixing? b/c this host says Kings of Leon want to do a remix album (gag me!)

I feel bad for the interviewer. he obviously loves the band but is so nervous he's stumbling over what he wants to say and is saying some really cringe-worthy things! poor guy. props to "evangelising" Delphic for months before the album came out stateside in June. sounds familiar...

2. 'Red Lights' was not my favourite track on 'Acolyte' when I first started listening to the album, probably because the vocal line is pretty hohum. (in fact, it consists of 4 notes on the E string, and when I told James Cook that I had sussed this bass line all by myself (rather proudly I might add), he made fun of me that it was so easy (joking of course).

check out this video from Berlin's Electronic Beats festival, where Delphic performed on 4th November alongside Phil Oakey's Human League. it's a bit pixelated but the sound is amazing. after hearing from so many dance bands how great Berlin is for dance music, I can't imagine a better place for a dance band to play.

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