26 November 2010

from one fellow MC to another...

it's my birthday, so I can post whatever I want! and I will STILL stick to the Delphic Friday amusement theme, b/c as you know, I am a v. thoughtful person. even on my birthday. aren't you lucky.

one of the two sometimes tragically overlooked (read: by fans / media / etc.) members of Delphic is guitarist Matt Cocksedge, who, judging from my interview with the man in Boston in September for PopWreckoning, is perfectly fine with the spotlight NOT being on him at all. when I was transcribing our little chat (ok, not really little...it went on for about an hour. because I'm such a good interviewer and he is such a good interviewee!), I realised that we had the same initials, MC, and I thought, what a neat coincidence.

we also both wear glasses and have 'suffered' for it so I feel like we are rather kindred spirits in this regard. in these two short but funny videos from former NME editor and now editor for Stunt James McMahon, enter the world of Monsieur Cocksedge for a few fleeting, far too short moments. I promise, he has a smile that could melt an iceberg.

I have no idea when Matt's birthday is...but whenever it is my dear friend and glasses compatriot, I hope you have a wonderful one. and certainly wonderful holidays coming up :)

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