18 November 2010

this week's Roundtable (18/11)

Lammo welcomes Ash's Tim Wheeler, Goldheart Assembly's John Herbert and punk rock editor Eugene Butcher

1. White Lies - 'Bigger Than Us' - I wasn't sure whether I'd welcome White Lies back to the fold...but I am loving, loving this new single. bring on 'Ritual'!

2. The Go! Team - 'Tornado' - oh god, WTH is this??? awful, awful.

3. Adele - 'Rolling Into the Deep' - channelling Aretha now, are you Adele? or possibly Laura Marling. ugh. no. next.

4. Anr - 'Stay Kids' - ok. piano's a bit repetitive...ethereal male vocals usually not my thing.

5. Phosphorescent - 'I Don't Care If It's Cursing' - slide guitar. oh blah. why does everyone want to be American country folk these days? ploddy - good description.

6. British Sea Power - 'Living Is So Easy' - the winner - have BSP always had synths, space-agey synths. this sounds...strange. like Robert Smith is trying to sing in the future.

7. Caitlin Rose's album including 'For the Rabbits' - it's ok. I don't really like womens' voices, and it's not terrible, but it's so young sounding, I could imagine it could get really annoying after a while.

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