14 February 2011

'Perfect' and 'Love is Like Oxygen' for Valentine's Day

two features for today.

1. the video for Smashing Pumpkins's 'Perfect' makes no sense. (if you feel the need to watch it, go here.) but the song is, no pun intended, perfect, especially the lyrics. so follow them on the video below. I've also included a live telly appearance from several years back.

anyone who has loved and lost can relate to this...

strangers down the line
lovers out of time
memories unwind...
so far, I still know who you are
but now I wonder who I was...
angel, you know it's not the end
we'll always be good friends
the letters have been sent on...

is it hopeful? is it regretful? what do you think?

2. the Sweet's 'Love is Like Oxygen' has somewhat silly lyrics, but the more you listen to them, they make more sense. especially if you've been loved. and been hurt.

love is like oxygen
you get too much, you get too high
not enough and you're gonna die

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