03 February 2011

this week's Roundtable (03/02)

Keith Cameron, and who else? not sure...it's not on Lammo's page (sorry)

1. Fleet Foxes - 'Helplessness Blues' - I liked Fleet Foxes when they first appeared on the scene, I really did. then they became the populist favourite, which drove me nuts b/c people were liking them b/c it was 'cool'. this is ok. but boring.

I remember wanting to see them at the Black Cat 3 years ago and of course the show(s) sold out. now they're playing DAR this year, which I think is ridiculous!

2. Cloud Control - 'There's Nothing in the Water' - man, this is annoying.

3. the View - 'Grace' - I know I'm not supposed to like these guys but pretty catchy. now I understand the mainstream appeal.

4. Gil-Scott Heron (reworked by Jamie xx) - the winner - 'I'll Take Care of You' -it's ok. just not my thing.

5. Beth Ditto / Simian Mobile Disco - 'I Wrote the Book' - interesting, didn't they do 'Cruel Intentions' before? it's amazing to hear Beth Ditto's voice again disco, it actually sounds better than her stuff with the Gossip.

6. James Blake - 'The Wilhelm Scream' - I don't really get James Blake. it's ok I suppose but I don't like the sound effects.

7. Chapel Club's 'Palace' - I adore this album. top 10 of 2011, for sure. 'Blind' - GORGEOUS. and I'm not saying that b/c Lewis Bowman personally sent me the lyrics to that song. ::swoon::

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