10 February 2011

this week's Roundtable (10/02)

with NME's Kristi Murrison, Miranda Sawyer, and Simon Raymonde

1. the Strokes - 'Under the Cover of Darkness' - I've never been a huge Strokes fan. this just sounds like generic guitar rock to me. yes, I know to be ready for a stoning.

2. Flats - 'Never Again' - the winner - too screamy. blech. are you shouting "ELLA! ELLA! ELLA! ELLA!" ???

3. Jon Fratelli - 'Rhythm Doesn't Make You a Dancer' - this isn't as bad as everyone is saying it is. it sure is better than the one that followed it...

4. Dr. Dre feat. Eminem and Skylar Gray - 'I Need a Doctor' - what is this. ugh.

5. The Dears - 'Blood' - not my usual thing but it's got a v. cool vibe.

6. Iron and Wine - 'Dream by the River' - is.not.my.thing.

7. the Streets' new album - good stuff. interesting, unlike #4.

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