17 February 2011

this week's Roundtable (17/02)

Kai Fish of Mystery Jets, ex-Pipette Rose Elinor Dougall , and BBC Radio1 presenter Edith Bowman join Lammo

1. the Human League - 'Never Let You Go' - oh goodness. autotune? I'd never in a million years would have put Human League and autotune in the same sentence. awful. categorically awful.

2. the Dum Dum Girls - 'He Gets Me High' - the problem with all these bands - Dum Dum Girls, Warpaint, the Like...they all sound the same, and they all sound like the Gogos. boring. someone please explain to me how these are "groundbreaking".

3. Roddy Woomble - 'Roll Along' - uhhhh this is ok. the brass is kind of weird? I thought it'd be nice, smooth, singer/songwriter kind of thing. and it's overorchestrated. people don't seem to understand less is more.

4. John Foxx and the Maths - 'Evergreen' - oh dear. this sounds like English blokes trying to be Kraftwerk! ::giggle:: giving it a pass.

5. Anna Calvi - 'Blackout' - the winner - I still don't get this woman. she sounds ok but it's not mind-blowing. as usual, I'm very cynical about female singers...

6. Moby - 'Be the One' - hahahaha Lammo was thinking exactly what I was thinking. this ain't no Jack Penate!

7. Gruff Rhys's solo album 'Hotel Shampoo' - this is ok. he's got a bit of a humdrum voice.

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