24 February 2011

this week's Roundtable (24/02)

comedian Ed Byrne, singer/songwriter Patrick Wolf and Dave Lorre join Lammo this week

1. Foo Fighters - 'Rope' - I really like this. sure beats the hell out of that snorefest that was 'Wheels' last year. was that last year? I don't even remember. hell, even Pat Smear is back with the Foos. good sign!

2. the Dodos - 'Black Night' - when I heard this the first time, I thought it was Princeton. imagine my disappointment. I keep missing them on tour, I guess I should just hunker down and see them already.

3. the Jim Jones Revue - 'Dishonest John' - not as good as 'Shoot First...' more like a scream fest?

4. the Low Anthem - 'Boeing 737' - uhhhh... these are the same guys that put out 'Ohio' and 'Charlie Darwin', right?

5. the Primitives - 'Rattle My Cage' - too twee for me. there's no direction, as there is for, say, Camera Obscura.

6. Cashier No. 9 - 'Goldstar' - interesting. they're Northern Irish but this sounds very...'60s British Invasion? but the synths remind me of Pains of Being at Heart...

7. Radiohead album 'King of Limbs' - not gonna touch this one. sorry!

oh bugger, I missed who won again. for cryin' out loud. oops.

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